How to Easily Remove a Paper Piece

Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing with Carol Doak is an online quilting class at Craftsy. It’s loaded with tons of helpful tips and techniques to help you do just what the title says: master foundation paper piecing.

Here, in this free video lesson, Carol shows you a very easy and useful trick for correcting a mistake. Removing a piece does not have to be a major step backward after you’ve seen just how Carol does it. Check it out below!

I’m Carol Doak and I’m an instructor with Craftsy and what I want to do is show you how to take a piece off when you’re foundation paper piecing.

So I have the foundation here and I’ve got the number 1 and the number 2 piece but, oops, look what I did: it’s sewed on in the wrong direction. You see, when it flips over the wrong side is facing up so I need to remove it. So the first thing I’m going to do is put tape on the seam line. And I’m going to use Scotch brand removable tape, this tape has the quality of like a sticky note; you can put it on and easily lift it off without tearing the paper. It’s also not going to gum up your sewing machine needle. The other quality this tape has is that it is has a higher melting temperature, so that when I go to press this from the other side the tape is not going to melt. If you do this with cellophane tape, that’s going to melt and you’re going to end up with a mess.

So now that the tape is on to secure the seam line, I’m going to use this art knife and I’m just going to pull the fabric back to the point where I see the stitching. And the minute I see the stitching I’m going to keep the pressure on it and I’m just going to tap those stitches and really the threads are going to be there before the fabric is, if you keep the pressure on. You’re actually hearing that paper tear and that’s the reason we put that tape on. So now the piece is off, I lift this up, and any of the threads that were along that seam line are sticking to the tape and now I can take this piece and put it on the right way on the opposite seam and restitch. And when I restitch, the tape becomes my new foundation. You’re going to leave the tape on until the time comes to take the paper off and then you’ll just pick it up and it will perforate along the stitching.

So that’s a tip on how to remove a piece with your paper foundation piecing. Come and visit me over at Craftsy and learn more tips about foundation paper piecing.

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