10 Quilty Pleasures to Help Survive the Holidays

Between the hosting, traveling, quilting and in-laws, it’s safe to say the holidays can get a little hectic. But this year, it’s time to ditch the stress for some good old-fashioned quilting! To lend a hand, we’re bringing you A Quilter’s Holiday Hangout, a month-long round-up of humorous videos, popular patterns and other great content you can count on for a little escape.

So put up that “do not disturb” sign and join us! We’re kicking things off with 10 hilarious memes that are sure to have you and your quilting friends in stitches. (Don’t forget to share!)

Piece on EarthThis Year's Holiday Forecast? A Steady Accumulation of Sew.I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus (He Must Have Brought Nice Fabric) Grandma Never Got Run Over by a Reindeer...  



Warning: Stash Under 24-Hour Elf Surveillance


All I Want for Christmas in HueWhen Your Stash Has Its Own Team of Elves   

Stashing Through the SnowHoliday Prep Can Be Ruff

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