6 Simple Ways to Continue Quilting While On Vacation

There is nothing more exciting than taking a vacation! The planning, the packing, the getting away from it all. But so often we quilters don’t want to get away from quite all of it. We go on vacation, but we also want to have some time to do what we love, and that is quilt!

Beach Quilt

Beach Quilt via Craftsy member Stitching Times

How do you quilt while on vacation?

Here are some great tips for ways to still get your quilt fix while having a grand holiday.

Pencil case with travel quilt supplies

1. Pack a small project.

Is there something that you have been wanting to try but never bothered to do before as you always had larger projects to finish? What about making hexagons? Or some hand work? Both can fit into a pencil case-sized storage unit and can go with you wherever you go. In North America you can travel by airplane with scissors as long as they are 4″ or less in length, and a few needles and thread are acceptable as well.

Bolts of fabric

2. Find a quilt store

Use your favorite search engine to locate the quilting stores in the area of your vacation. No one said you have to actually quilt, so why not prepare for quilting by purchasing some new fabric or notions?

Sketch pad

3. Pack a sketch pad

If actual quilting is not your cup of tea while you are away, grab a sketch pad and your favorite beverage, and take the time to let your imagination soar while in new surroundings. Design or create some new patterns or ideas for quilts.

4. Learn a new technique

Is there a technique in quilting you have never taken the time to learn? Why not sign up for a Craftsy class? Or grab a book on the subject or some YouTube videos and learn it? Hand appliqué and different embroidery stitches come to mind as great ways to increase your quilting portfolio and easy to do while on vacation.

modern quilt

Vintage Modern Marmalade Chevron quilt via Craftsy member tholtz.

5. Simply surf

Do you always want to take the time to just search the internet for interesting patterns and quilts? Grab an ipad, laptop or cellphone and surf away. Be sure to check out Craftsy for inspiration as well as Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and other search engines to satisfy your quest for quilts.

However you choose to bring quilting on your vacation, remember to have fun and let your mind soar with new ideas and your imagination! 

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