On-Trend: Quilted Mug Rug Mania!

Have you noticed the growing trend of quilted mug rugs online lately? They are popping up on social media, blogs, swaps, quilting boards and photo sharing sites galore. They seem to be everywhere!

Let’s discover what’s behind the quilted mug rug mania!

White Poppy Mug Rug Pattern - Bluprint.com
Photo via Bluprint member 3patchcrafts

Get the White Poppy Mug Rug Pattern here.

What exactly is a mug rug?

Well, that definition varies from one source to another, but, to put it simply, mug rugs are small quilts that range in size from 4″ x 6″ to 6″ x 10″. They can be round, rectangular, square or other shapes. They are more than just glorified coasters. Mug Rugs are made exactly like a quilt with three layers including patchwork, batting and backing, held together with quilting and finished with a binding.

Kisses for Sale Mug Rug Pattern on Bluprint!

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Get the Kisses for Sale Mug Rug Pattern here.
Often a label is added to the back to record the date, the maker, the recipient and the occasion. The purpose of these tiny quilts is to give your mug or cup a place to rest and still have room for a treat or sweet. I keep one right next to my laptop at all times, just in case I have a coffee and cookie craving. It’s always wise to be prepared!
Two Owls Mug Rug

Photo via Bluprint member The Patchsmith

Get the Two Owls Mug Rug Pattern here.

Mug Rugs make great gifts!

They are small, don’t take a very long time to make and can be put together with just a few scraps of fabric and batting.  They can be paired with a mug and some tea bags or a gift card to make great teacher gifts. They are also fun to pair with a notepad and pen or a journal. They can be personalized easily with the recipient’s favorite colors or holiday or animal theme. Their size and shape make them super easy to mail as well. Because of these reasons (and the fact that they are just plain fun) they have become very popular to swap.

April House Mug Rug

Photo via Bluprint member 2strings

Get the April House Mug Rug Pattern here.

What exactly is a mug rug swap?

Basically, it’s just a group of quilters who sign up on a common website or social media board and exchange names and mailing addresses. Usually a theme or topic is chosen for inspiration, and the quilters make the mug rugs according to the set rules and deadlines.

Spring Chicken Mug Rug Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member The Patchsmith

Get the Spring Chicken Mug Rug Pattern here.

Participating in a mug rug swap is loads of fun!

The best thing to remember when swapping mug rugs (or any other online swap) is to be sure to follow the rules and the “spirit” of the swap. Only send a mug rug that you would be proud to give the person if they were sitting next to you. In other words, do you very best work, and take the time to make it special. Workmanship should not be overlooked for creativity’s sake. Make sure your mug rug is both well made and fun.

Also, make sure your mug rug arrives on time! No one wants to feel left out when all the others in the group are posting fun pictures of what they have received. Just follow the golden rule, treating your partner the way you would want to be treated, and everyone will be pleased with the outcome! Don’t forget to send a thank you note! I don’t mean to sound like your mother here, but it really is important to express your gratitude to the person who put their time and energy into making you happy.

Spring Basket Mug Rug

Spring Basket Mug Rug via Bluprint member The Patchsmith

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Check out the Special Days Mug Rugs Pattern Booklet for a collection of 10 fun mug rug patterns, like the Spring Basket Mug Rug featured above, perfect for all your momentous occasions!


All of the mug rugs shown are available as patterns in the Bluprint pattern store. These are just a few of the many creative fun mug rug quilts that can be found there. Now, go find one that you want to make and see how satisfying it is to complete one of these little quilted mug rugs!

Enjoy every stitch!

What’s your favorite way to use a mug rug?

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