A Quick In-the-Hoop Project

What’s still hot in the embroidery world? Gifts you can make in minutes. Quick projects are still vogue and like a good Chanel suit, they never go out of style.

Today, I’m sharing a project for a quick and easy scissor case that is made in minutes, and best of all, it’s created entirely in the embroidery hoop.

Pairs of Small and Large Scissors in Embroidered Scissor Holders

One size fits almost any pair of scissors.

Let’s get started by gathering our materials:

  • A thick interfacing made from needle punch batting
  • Solid cotton fabric
  • Embroidery threads
  • 5” x 7” embroidery hoop
  • Pretty Practical Embroidery CD
  • Medium weight tear away stabilizer
  • Sharp pair of curved scissors
  • Fusible fleece

Note: For the interfacing, I can tell you from experience that the easiest product to embroider through, without shredding embroidery thread, is one made from needle punched batting instead of the typical type you find at local fabric stores, which contain adhesives and hard particles and tend to shred rayon embroidery thread.


Step 1:

To prepare the interfacing. fuse solid color fabric to the thick interfacing. If you interfacing is not fusible, use an fusible adhesive web on the back of the fabric and iron to the interfacing. Treat this as your appliqué fabric.

Step 2:

Hoop tear away stabilizer in your embroidery hoop and embroider the first color, which is a placement line showing you where to lay the appliqué fabric.

Step 3:

Spray adhesive to the stabilizer and lay the appliqué fabric on top of the hoop, making sure your fabric is larger than the placement line.

Step 4:

Embroider the next color, which is a tack down stitch attaching the appliqué fabric to the stabilizer. When this color is complete, trim away the excess fabric and interfacing that is OUTSIDE of the stitching line very close using sharp scissors.

Fabric with Outline Stitch
Fabric Being Cut Along Stitch

Step 5:

Embroider the roses and leaves. Lay a piece of fabric on the wrong side of the embroidery hoop to cover all the ugly bobbin thread stitches on the wrong side of the scissor sheath. This is very similar to my In The Hoop Freestanding Name Tags Tutorial.

Black Fabric with Pink Outline Stitch

Step 6:

A basting line is next. Stitch across the top and on the sides. This is used as a placement line so you will know where to lay the pocket fabric on the wrong side of the hoop.

Step 7:

To prepare the back pocket that’s used to slip in the point of the scissors, fold a piece of fabric over fusible fleece, moving the edge of the fleece up to the top of the fold. Add a piece of fusible webbing to the other side of the fleece so both sides of the cotton fabric are fused to the fleece.

Floral Embroidered Piece Atop Fabric with Outline
Fuseable Webbing Overlaying Fabric

Step 8:

Lay the back pocket fabric on the wrong side of the hoop and embroider the pocket tack down stitches. Remove the hoop from the embroidery arm and trim the back pocket fabric close to the stitching line as shown below.

Polka Dot Fabric with Outline StitchPolka Dot Fabric Cut Along Outline Stitch

Step 9:

For the final satin stitch around the edge of the pocket, replace the lightweight bobbin thread with matching embroidery thread. Finish the embroidery with the final satin stitch that goes around the border of the scissor sheath, and then tear the finished pocket away from the stabilizer.

Step 10:

Remove the basting stitches and enjoy!

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  1. Teresa

    I’ve contacted Craftsy Customer Service regarding no links to the design file. I have been advised that I will hear back from the Support Team in 5-7 business days. Hoping to hear something soon.

  2. teresa.preschool@gmail.com

    I would sew love to stitch these. I have a pattern from another designer, but they are so large covering the full pair of scissors. I hope to give these a try, but there is no embroidery design provided. Is this not provided as part of my Premium Membership?