9 Patterns to Help You Learn How to Do the Popcorn Crochet Stitch

One of the first crochet techniques I learned, after the foundation stitches, of course, was how to do the popcorn crochet stitch. The popcorn crochet stitch, if you’re not familiar, is a little bobble of yarn that pokes out from the work. It’s great for adding pops of color, texture and even designs into your crochet.

Not convinced of the popcorn stitch’s awesomeness? Take a look at what learning how to do the popcorn crochet stitch can do for your crochet.

(P. S. If you’re new to the popcorn stitch, take a look at a tutorial for how to do the popcorn crochet stitch before you take on these to-die-for patterns.)

Sportina Biancaneve crochet tote pattern

Photo via NT maglia

Sportina Biancaneve

Popcorn stitch in different colors can help create fun designs, like the one on this tote. The popcorn stitch is paired with double crochets that make the tote work up faster than you think.

Freeform Crochet Pillow

Photo via Myra Wood

Freeform Crochet Pillow

The popcorn stitch certainly comes in handy when you’re scrumbling! For those who’ve never heard of scrumbling, it’s the process of making your own unique freeform crochet fabric. That fabric can be turned into almost anything, from pillows like the one pictured above to totes, scarves, and embellishments. Enroll in the Freeform Crochet class with Myra Wood and you’ll be on your way to scrumbling your very own crochet fabric to make whatever you’d like, including this pillow.

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Crochet beard and beanie pattern

Photo via SalenaBaca

Beard and Beanie

Want to show texture in a crochet pattern? Try popcorn stitch. Sure, you could crochet this adorable pirate beard using single or double crochets. But why would you when the popcorn stitch brings such a cool texture to it?

Minion Baby Blanket crochet pattern

Photo via Marilyn Sehn

Minion Baby Blanket

This cute baby blanket is a great example of how popcorn stitch can create simple designs in your crochet. Want to make your own design? Plot the outline with graph paper and use it as a chart for your project!

Star Popcorn Blanket crochet pattern

Photo via Thalenta

Star Popcorn Blanket

A blanket with some texture instantly feels cozier and warmer. Add a little extra dose of comfort to your crochet blankets using the popcorn stitch! This star blanket makes use of the popcorn stitch throughout, and the blanket shape makes it unlike other crochet blankets you’ve made before.

Whirl Cowl crochet pattern

Photo via ElevenHandmade

Whirl Cowl

Tired of the same old cowl season after season? Popcorn stitches — and a great color palette — set this cowl apart from the other plain-Jane cowls. It’s a total stash buster, too, since you only need a few yards of each color.

Popcorn Slouchy Hat crochet pattern

Photo via Innerhooker

Popcorn Slouchy Hat

No holding back on this hat. Popcorn stitch is everywhere! This is the ideal pattern if you want to practice your popcorn stitches. If the first hat goes well, why not make a few more as gifts?

Ladies Popcorn Sweater crochet pattern

Photo via MonPetitViolon

Ladies Popcorn Sweater

Popcorn stitch helps create an open, airy pattern, so be prepared to wear another layer underneath this sweater. The layering also makes it a great sweater for different seasons, so no need to store it with your rotating seasonal clothing.

Polka Dot Capelet crochet pattern

Photo via Punkrawkpookie

Polka Dot Capelet and Cowl Combo

I’m a fan of polka dots, so this capelet made me very happy. Popcorn stitch helps create the 3-D polka dots on the capelet, and it also gives the capelet a little more warmth. Sizing covers everyone from kids to adults. How about a matching one for you and the kiddo in your life?

Have you ever tried the popcorn crochet stitch before? How did it turn out?

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