Wycinanki Embroidery: Polish Folk Art for the Ages

Folk art is a longtime favorite among textile artisans. Wycinanki, Polish folk art popular as paper cuttings, has been reproduced into beautiful machine embroidery. Even centuries later, its bright colors and whimsical depictions make the designs popular as ever.

embroidery library wycinanki birdhouse

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Folk art has become some of the most loved artwork. Once considered the creation of peasantry, the art form of common people has become much beloved and highly coveted.

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wycinanki birds birdhouse

Photos via Embroidery Library

What is Wycinanki embroidery?

Wycinanki, pronounced vee-chee-non-kee, is Polish folk art originally exhibited in paper cuttings.

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wycinanki flowers

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Popular in the mid-1800s, subjects often included flowers, birds, medallions and holiday motifs. Designs were highly intricate and considered some of the most beautiful paper cutouts in the world.

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wycinanki hearts

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Wycinanki was created during relaxation after the day’s work was done, much like reading or hand stitching in later years. Patterns are thought to have originated from sheep skin window coverings. Countryside cottages used sheep shears to cut the decorative decorative patterns as a way to let in air and light.

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polish folk peyote patterns

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In these examples, Wycinanki designs were sewn in the peyote embroidery technique using beads.


Photos via Ace Points Embroidery

Wycinanki designs are of two basic types, each attributed to different regions of Poland.

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wycinanki circles

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Kurpie patterns are a single color while those from Lowicz territory include several layered colors. Both lend themselves beautifully to embroidery.

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wycinanki 2

Photo via Ace Points Embroidery

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What is your favorite form of folk art embroidery?

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