8 Pearl Jewelry Designs That Aren’t Just for Special Occasions

Pearl Jewelry Designs

Pearl jewelry designs have a reputation for being reserved for classy occasions and worn by women like Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Bush and Princess Diana. Not to worry. You don’t have to attend the Oscars or a White House dinner just to wear a pretty pearl necklace. Pearl jewelry designs can be paired with so many different styles and for so many different occasions.

Stop thinking of pearls as a fancy piece of jewelry and start thinking about how you can incorporate them into any occasion. These pearl jewelry designs will provide plenty of inspiration.

Beadwoven Necklace Pearl Drops

Photo via Bluprint member Sandra Scholte

Beadwoven Necklace Pearl Drops

Even beginner beadweavers can tackle this pretty necklace. Combine pearls with seed beads and bicones for a design that’s simple yet elegant. Wear it with a more open neckline to really show it off.

Get the Beadwoven Necklace Pearl Drops pattern here. 

Autumn Pearl Earring

Photo via Bluprint member KicaBijoux

Autumn Pearl

Just because this pendant is named for fall doesn’t mean that’s the only time you can wear it. This pattern could easily be turned into a pair of matching earrings, too.

Get the Autumn Pearl pattern here.

Pearl Necklace pattern

Photo via Bluprint member ZaneyMay

Pearl Necklace

If you’re familiar with right angle weave, this necklace will be a breeze to make. There are instructions for making the necklace shorter or longer, so you can customize it to pair with the exact outfit neckline you have in mind.

Get the Pearl Necklace pattern here.

Earrings with Swarovski and round pearl pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Alkymnia

Earrings with Swarovski and Round Pearls

These earrings might just remind you of lace. Seed beads, bicones, and pearls make a great team for this design. These would look amazing with an updo that brings all the attention to the earrings.

Get the Earrings with Swarovski and Round Pearls pattern here.

Flowers in Pearls with Leafy Vine pattern

Photo via Bluprint member ClaudineMJ

Flowers in Pearls with Leafy Vine

This is an example of how pearls can go totally casual. (I had to look twice to make sure there were pearls in there!) Pearls look right at home among these shiny SuperUno beads. If you do want to make your flowers a little fancier, try classic color combinations using silver, gold, black, gray or other neutrals.

Get the Flowers in Pearls with Leafy Vine pattern here.

Pearl Ruffle Bracelet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member MoreThnSomewhat

Pearl Ruffle Bracelet

I definitely let out a gasp when this bracelet popped up. Yep, those are freshwater pearls buried in that seed bead ruffle. Designer MoreThnSomewhat has tested so many gorgeous color combos for the bracelet. You’re sure to find one that floats your boat.

Get the Pearl Ruffle Bracelet pattern here.

Olive Pearl Ring pattern

Photo via Bluprint member darlovely

Olive Pearl Ring

Fancy rings are one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to pull off since they’re not as noticeable as a necklace or earrings. You could even wear this one with a T-shirt. Since it’s a small piece of jewelry, you might even find all the supplies you need right in your stash.

Get the Olive Pearl Ring pattern here.

Golden Drops with a Pearl Earring

Photo via Bluprint member Yoola

Golden Drops with a Pearl Earrings

You may not even need a pearl to create your own version of these earrings. I love how the pearl adds a bit of extra length to an already-eye-catching earring, but the pearls are totally optional since the copper wire has the power to stand on its own.

Get the Golden Drops with a Pearl Earrings pattern here.

Do you wear pearls for more than just special occasions?

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