Ooh La La: Cupcake Toppers Designs for a Paris-Themed Party!

A wonderfully chic Paris-themed party is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or to just say “merci” to someone special. Perhaps you know a keen Francophile who would simply adore being showered with pâtisseries or even adorable cupcakes with sweet, little fondant macarons like these!

Lovely Parisian themed cupcake toppers

Here’s our tutorial on how to create lovely cupcake toppers for a perfectly parisian party!

Tutorial for Paris pastry themed cupcakes


  • Fondant in various colors of your choice (we used blue, pistachio green, cream, dusky pink, raspberry pink,  lavender, creamy brown and dark brown)
  • Water or edible glue
  • Brush
  • Fondant rolling pin
  • 7mm round piping tip
  • Cocktail sticks or uncooked spaghetti ‘sticks’
  • Extruder gun
  • Blade tool
  • Ball tool
  • Veining tool
  • Lace cutter
  • Flower foam pad
  • Vodka or lemon juice

Step 1:

Prepare your cupcakes by icing them with colored fondant. We iced ours with blue and cream before adding a lovely quilted stitch pattern across the tops.

cupcake decorated with blue lace printed fondant

Step 2:

With a lace cutter and some thinly rolled fondant cut out panels of lace or embossed ‘fabric’ and drape atop of your cupcakes.

Fondant teapot cupcake topper tutorial

Step 3:

For the teapot create a smooth ball of fondant approximately the size of a ping-pong ball and shape into a slightly tapered sphere. Indent the teapot lid with the larger end of a piping tip. For the teapot lid knob roll a tiny amount of fondant in a contrasting color into a tapered ball, take the small end of the ball tool and indent the top centre of the teapot lid, add a dab of water or edible glue and attach the knob.

Step 4:

For the spout and handle create some small fondant ‘ropes’ and shape before leaving these to set a little. Attach with water or edible glue and leave to dry whilst resting on wads of kitchen towel. When finished add extra detail with blossoms, hand painting or sugar pearls! We pressed part of our lace cutter into our teapot for an added touch!

making mini fondant baguettes

Step 5:

To make a lovely bag of baguettes roll out around three tapered oblong shapes from creamy brown fondant. These should measure around 1 inch in length each. Scour five angled lines into each oblong and leave to harden.

Fondant baguette cupcake toppers

Step 6:

For the bag take some cream fondant and shape into a ball. Using a ball tool push in the center to create a well and shape. Use a veining tool to make the bag’s perforated top edge. Set the baguettes inside of the bag with a little edible glue and set aside.

Fondant balls for mini french pastries

Step 7:

To create a little fondant Saint Honoré roll out four balls from a creamy brown fondant. One ball should be large and three should be around  1/4 the size of the large ball. Slightly flatten these.

Step 8:

Roll out some cream colored fondant and cut out a series of circles with a piping tip. Smooth these over the balls. Add some glue to the surface of the large ‘choux pastry’ ball and attach the smaller pieces.

Sweet Parisian pastry cupcake toppers

Making parisian treat cupcake toppers

Step 9:

With an extruder gun and a scalloped shaped extruder gun setting push out some pink ‘raspberry cream’. Carefully swirl each and attach between each smaller ball. Create a larger swirl and affix to the top. Create raspberries from small egg-shaped pieces of pink fondant indented with a cocktail stick and attach these also. To create the circle rose petal sat atop of the Saint Honoré form a tiny ball of pink fondant, flatten and thin the edges with a ball tool before attaching.

Fondant profiterole pastries as cupcake toppers

Step 10:

To make a fun profiterole tower make several balls from a creamy brown fondant. Slightly flatten these.

Fondant profiterole tower cupcake topper

Step 11:

Roll out some darker brown fondant and cut out a series of circles with a piping tip. Smooth these over the balls. Then arrange into a conical tower atop of a cupcake!

Fondant eclair pastry cupcake topper

Step 12:

For fondant, chocolate éclair shape some creamy brown fondant into a small oblong shape. Slice half down the middle with a blade tool. Take some darker brown fondant and create a ‘chocolate sauce’ on the top and fill with cream fondant using the extruder gun.

Step 13:

Arrange atop your cupcakes and add tiny fondant macarons too!

Parisian bread and pastry themed cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

French themed cupcake topper tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Now you can present your sweet Parisian themed cupcakes on tiered cake stands ready for a chic party or in a ribbon tied box as a gorgeous gift!

Want even more adorable decorations? Head on over to enroll in Sheryl Bito’s class Tiny Cupcake Toppers to learn how to create the miniature cakes and pastries used on these cupcakes plus much more!

What’s your favorite theme for a treat-filled party?

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