Free Guide! Guilt-Free Pantry Staples You Can Make at Home

We’re always looking for ways to cut costs at the grocery store and strategies for eating less processed foods.

Free Craftsy Guide: I Can't Believe It's Not Store-Bough

What’s inside

How to Make Confectioners’ Sugar

Get a two-ingredient recipe for fresh confectioners’ sugar that’s perfect for adding to buttercream, meringue and more.

Making Buttermilk: 5 Substitutes & an Easy DIY Recipe

Just need a ¼ cup of buttermilk but can’t buy less than a pint? These five easy substitutes are here to save the day.

The Secret to Sweetened Condensed Milk

This ingredient is key to pies, fudge, macaroons and more. It’s also something we rarely have on hand. Thankfully, all you need to recreate it is two ingredients and a few minutes.

How to Craft Your Own Butter

It’s ridiculously easy and oh-so-gratifying to make your own butter. Another two-ingredient recipe is all it takes to create the most delicious butter around.

Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

Mastering this recipe gives you the skills you need to make a variety of homemade confections. Learn a few simple techniques and bring this tasty treat to life.

DIY Cupcake Liners

What do you do when you’re one cupcake liner short of the dozen you need? Make your own! It’s incredibly simple and you’ll learn how here.

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