Feeling Stuck? Try These 25 Outdoorsy Drawing Ideas

Despite the abundance of things to draw, we all feel stuck sometimes. When inspiration dries up, have no fear — I’ve got 25 drawing ideas for when you put pencil to paper. 

25 drawing ideas

When everything and everyone is a potential subject, you can feel an overwhelming creative block. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the field. 

In an age where we’re constantly in front of a screen, it helps to get outside and enjoy nature. Whether that’s hiking, camping or just going for a walk around your neighborhood, drawing also offers a way to daydream about hitting the trail.

Here are a handful of drawing ideas — from grandiose landscapes to technical gear — that will have you break you out of any creative block you may have. 

“Take a hike” with these 25 drawing ideas!

  1. Well-worn hiking boots
  2. Cairn (a stack of stones that mark the way)
  3. Prickly cacti
  4. A group of Joshua trees
  5. Evergreen trees
  6. Sculptural pock formations
  7. Water bottle
  8. Horses
  9. Dog (our best hiking companions!)
  10. The attire of other hikers
  11. Waterways (like a stream)
  12. Wild flowers
  13. The view from a cliff, looking down at the valley below
  14. Trail switchbacks
  15. Sunglasses
  16. A curious grizzly bear
  17. Vibrant fall foliage
  18. Lively lizards
  19. Turtles
  20. Snow-covered mountains in the distance
  21. Waterfall
  22. The view from a tent
  23. A roaring campfire
  24. Snake
  25. Camera

Need a little extra inspiration? Take a peek at artwork from other Bluprint members!

Little Cactus

Little Cactus by Craftsy member dyanmarie

Horse Painting

Horse painting by Craftsy member ameera24


Sunglasses drawing by Craftsy member katyasorok

Camer Drawing

Camera drawing by Craftsy member Profparkerbrown

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