Our April Fool’s Joke: Funny or Flop?


While most months start fresh, April starts funny: with April Fool’s Day. At least, that’s the idea behind the myriad of pranks played around the world on this infamous holiday. This year, we decided to pull a little prank on our Bluprint users (all in good fun, of course) in an effort to generate some laughs, and also savings. Here’s how it worked:

On April 1st, we launched a “new class” called Pasta Crafts. If the instructor’s name (Eleanor Rugby, who wears, as her bio states, “the face that she keeps in a pasta jar by the door” and who “does not darn socks under any circumstances”) wasn’t too much of a tell, the class description contained some clues, too.

For instance, in explaining why this class is worth taking, it states: “You could go to Santa Fe and spend two weeks’ salary on a turquoise necklace. Or you could take my class, make a necklace just like it… If anybody gets close enough to your necklace to notice the difference, just tell them to stop being so fresh. I mean, honestly.” And in the article about the class in the last newsletter, we claimed that it answered such as questions as “Is angel hair really made out of angels’ hair?” (Answer: “It sure tastes like it!”), “Should I cook the noodles before stringing them on to the string?” (Answer: “No. Don’t cook them, as it weakens the pasta, and they could burn your neck.”), and “Help! My husband ate my necklace!” (Answer: “That’s not a question.”).

Visitors to the page were able to view a trailer (which teased other “classes” such as Beyond Basic Machine Washing, which of course, is play on our very real class, Beyond Basic Machine Quilting). At the end of the trailer, they were greeted with a discount code to take any class at a discount. By the way, you can go there now to watch it AND claim the discount code. However, we’re pulling the page and discount code on Tuesday, April 10. So hurry and go now to get your discount!

So, the question is: Were we funny? Or did it flop? Let’s look at some of the responses we got:

I can’t help but wonder how many people might really want to sign up to make pasta jewelry. Yours was my first April Fool’s joke of the day!

Thank you for the delightful April 1 edition of the Bluprint Newsletter!  Lovely way to start my day!

Seriously: How old are you? And how old do you think you average reader is? PASTA CRAFTS????? REALLY?????? …Pasta crafts are useful with elementary school children to help develop hand-eye coordination. They are reasonably safe if the little kiddies put them in their mouth ( although I suppose there is some choking danger), and when the string breaks there maybe tears but not for long because they are disposable. I am an adult not yet old enough for the Nursing Home and I do not require such precautions. …If I have mistakenly gotten myself on a list for children, morons or elderly dementia sufferers, please let me know…

That was fun! Thanks for the April Fool’s Day treat!

I am bummed that this is not a real class.

I must tell you that your Pasta Crafts article is a masterpiece of the craft of writing!

I was told by my daughter who is taking her Early Education Class that you should NEVER use FOOD products for crafts. There are too many children in schools who are starving and look at that craft as a wasted meal.

Well, what do you think? Good humor or a bad joke? Let us know in the comments! (And remember to visit the page to get your laugh/groan and discount code!)


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