31 Art Prompts to Spark Your Creativity Every Day This Month

Sometimes all you need to get drawing or painting is a little nudge. Consider this list of prompts your nudge!

Sketching in Art Journal

Whether you’re trying to form a daily art habit, beat a bout of artist’s block or just express yourself more, we’re here to help!

Each day in October, draw, paint or otherwise recreate these prompts in whatever way inspires you. And don’t just take these at face value — let yourself think outside the box!

31 drawing and painting prompts for October

  1. Cozy
  2. Mix 
  3. Edge
  4. Roll
  5. Together
  6. Space
  7. Level
  8. Wrap
  9. Window 
  10. Round 
  11. Up close
  12. Cut
  13. Branch
  14. Flat
  15. Scalloped
  16. Tall
  17. Work
  18. Tool
  19. Sassy
  20. Digital
  21. Plunge
  22. Light
  23. Decorate
  24. Fresh
  25. Bold 
  26. Distant 
  27. Complete
  28. Bend 
  29. Line 
  30. Leaf
  31. Midnight 

We’d love to see what you create! Share your artwork on Instagram using the hashtag #feelingcraftsy.

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