21 Free Guides: Guaranteed to Help You Forget About That Spatula You Just Unwrapped

Did your loved ones forget to check your Bluprint wishlist when they shopped for this year’s gifts? Don’t worry! We’ve wrapped up 21 of our newest guides and are delivering them to you right here, for free — just imagine they have a big red bow around them.

Find your favorite, grab a cup of tea and settle in with your loved ones to learn something new. It’s easy, because each guide is downloadable, printable and yours forever. Plus, since they’re packed with tips, tutorials and tricks from the experts you trust, you can explore a new hobby or skill with confidence and ease!

Cake & Cooking

baking guide
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Baking Essentials for Beginners

Become a baking whiz with the help of 20+ tutorials and recipes! From always picking the right flour to can’t-miss troubleshooting tips, this guide is here to save the day — and your sanity.

holiday cake pops
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Cute Holiday Cake Pops: 10 Step-by-Step Tutorials

Make cute cake pops for every holiday. Check out these 10 tutorials and always be prepared for parties, from the Fourth of July to Easter and beyond.

chicken recipes
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The Best Chicken Recipes for Simple & Satisfying Dinners at Home

Does it taste like chicken … again? Don’t fret! This guide is loaded with mouthwatering recipes and super-helpful tips for chicken dinners that will bring everyone clamoring to the dinner table in record time.

printable meal planner
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Weekly Meal Planner Template

Better meals and more time to relax in the evenings? We’ll take two, please. Download this meal planning template and reap the tasty rewards this week!

Yarn & Fiber Arts

lacy crochet
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Lovely Lacy Crochet: 4 Classic Lace Stitches to Master

How many of these stitches are you fluent in? Find out and brush up on your skills with more than 20 pages packed with tips and tricks for your best lace crochet yet.

crochet in the round
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Around We Go! Tips & Tutorials for Crocheting in the Round

Is your head spinning trying to crochet in the round? This guide is here to help with reading diagrams, working the magic ring, creating a flat circle and more.

crochet amigurumi
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The Foolproof Guide to Adorable Amigurumi

Are you looking for adorable handmade gifts? Amigurumi is your answer and this guide is how you get there!

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How to Choose and Use the Right Type of Yarn Every Time

So much yarn, so little time! This guide is here to help you choose the right type of yarn for every project. Your day just got a lot easier!

knitting in the round
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Knitting In the Round Made Easy

Stop going around in circles and finally learn how to knit in the round! From faster, cleaner techniques to making your projects flat, all of the answers are here.

knitting abbreviations
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Need-to-Know Knitting Abbreviations

Never be stumped by a knitting abbreviation again! Print this guide for quick help when you need it, and always have essential abbreviations at arms reach.

scarf weaving
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Scarf Weaving With Confidence: 7 Must-Know Tips

The gift everyone will be asking you to make? It’s sure to be a handwoven scarf! Learn seven crucial tips for your best results yet.

Art & Photo

what should I draw
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What Should I Draw?

Be honest. Are you in a drawing rut? This guide is ready to inspire you to create your next masterpiece with 140 drawing prompts you’ll love.

different art mediums
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Top Techniques for 4 Out-of-the-Ordinary Art Mediums

If you’re looking for new mediums to inspire your work, you’re in luck! This free guide has the tutorials and techniques you need to bring your ideas to life.

cross hatched
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Crosshatching in Art: Add Value & Texture With Simple Lines

Want to improve your crosshatching skills for greater detail and texture in your work? This guide boasts six technique overviews, sure to elevate your drawings!

art on canvas
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A Painter’s Guide to Canvas: Choose, Stretch, Prime & Paint

Have you ever been stuck in the aisle of your local art shop wondering which canvas to choose? Those trips are about to get a lot shorter, with the helpful information in this guide.

photoshop basics
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Photoshop Essentials: Need-to-Know Tools & Techniques

Get started with Adobe Photoshop® and become a pro at tracking changes, cloning image elements, optimizing exposure and more.

nature photography
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Secrets to Successful Nature Photography in Every Season

We know you’re obsessed with nature photography; so how about picking up tips that will help you take the photos you love year round? Get this guide and learn how.

lightroom shortcuts
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16 Essential Lightroom Shortcuts

Save time and make your Adobe Lightroom® workflow more efficient than ever! It’s all possible with the must-have keyboard shortcuts you’ll find in this guide.

Sewing & Quilting

sewing seams
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Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Professional-Quality Seams

Feeling like your seams could look a little more polished? Find out expert tips for sewing extraordinary seams, from the simplest stitches to the most creative finishings.

finishing a quilt
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How to Finish Your Quilts in Style

Don’t lose your motivation before the final stitch! With these photo-filled tutorials, brilliant tips and more, finishing just might become your favorite part of the quilting process.

Paper Crafts

creative paper crafts
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4 Innovative Paper Crafts You Probably Haven’t Tried Before

Four paper craft ideas you haven’t tried before? Find out if it’s true, and enjoy the step-by-step guidance and wow-worthy tutorials you’ll discover in this go-to guide.

The holidays are all about sharing time and gifts with friend and family. Share this post, or a particular guide, with your craftiest loved ones and make someone’s holiday just a little sweeter.

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