Customize Your Embroidery With +20 Monogram Patterns!

Monograms are perhaps the most personal of all embroidery designs. They can be easily customized as heartfelt gifts to commemorate weddings, births and other special occasions.

Here is a collection of machine embroidery monogram designs to get you started!

Embroidery LibraryPhotos via Embroidery Library

Monograms for weddings and anniversaries

Embroidery Library has a collection of unique machine embroidery frames that are perfect for stitching commemorative monogram gifts for newlyweds and seasoned couples celebrating a milestone anniversary.

Get the Tree Carvings design here.
Get the Chapel of Love design here.

Embroidery LibraryPhotos via Embroidery Library

Get the Love Birdhouse design here.
Get the Two Hearts as One design here.

Strength in simplicity: single-letter monograms

Monograms with one letter are not necessarily lackluster. Some of the beauty is in their simplicity. Other times, embellishments add to the overall presentation and allow you to really customize the monogram.

single-letter monogram embroidered pillows

Photos via Bluprint instructor Cookie Gaynor

In the Bluprint classes Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs and Artistic Digitizing, instructor Cookie Gaynor includes three single-letter monogram pillow projects. In the first class, a single letter is surrounded by redwork bows. The second class includes two appliqué designs, one of which features a lovely 3-D flower accent.

Single-letter monogramed towels

Photos via Designs by JuJu and Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Decorative fonts work particularly well for single monograms. The multiple dimensions of embossed fonts provide give a luxurious appeal to blankets and toweling like these from Designs by JuJu and Sew Inspired by Bonnie. Like relief carving, background stitching keeps the nap down, making the monogram prominent.

Get the Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet here.
Get the Elegant Embossed Alphabet here.

Embroidery Library Friendship SquarePhotos via Embroidery Library

With an appliqué background, this beautiful monogram design could easily be customized by changing the base fabric and altering thread colors to match.

Get the Friendship Blocks here.

Elegant curly monogram by Designs by JuJuPhoto via Designs by JuJu

This elegant, curly mono from Designs by JuJu comes in seven sizes to fit a variety of monogram areas. Ranging in size from two inches to eight inches tall, this font could be made even more fun by adding hot-fix crystals to the scrollwork.

Get the Elegant Curly Monogram Alphabet here.

script monograms by Edie's DesignsImages via Bluprint member Edie’s Designs

Three is company: three-letter monograms

Three-letter monograms are quite popular. Fonts used should be easy to read and, ultimately, available in at least two sizes so they can offset each other. Bluprint member Edie’s Designs has several sets listed. The script monogram (left) is arranged at an angle while the vine monogram (right) is in a horizontal line.

Get the Victorian Script Monograms here.
Get the Vine Monograms here.

Swirls and Curls embroidery font

Images via Oma’s Place


The “Swirls” and “Curls” fonts from Oma’s Place work well together. The fancy version (left) works well as a single monogram, but a three-letter monogram would be hard to arrange and even more difficult to read. That’s where the regular version comes in (right). It looks lovely when set on either side of the larger, fancier font.

Get the Swirls and Curls Fancy font here.
Get the Swirls and Curls Regular font here.

Embroidery Library Grand Flourish and Damask AlphabetPhotos via Embroidery Library

Monogram framework

Some monogram fonts are designed with ornate frames for a particularly elegant focal point. Frames are created either with fill stitching (above) or as an appliqué (below).

Get the Grand Flourish designs here.
Get the Damask Alphabet here.
Monogram frames by Edie's Designs

Images via Bluprint member Edie’s Designs

Typically, frames will boast one single, large monogram font. If room permits, you can add two and three-letter monograms to fill stitch and appliqué frames.

Get the Scallop Monogram Frames here.
Get the Monogram Frames here.
Embroidery Library sewing monogram frames

Embroidery Library crochet, knit and quilt monogram frames

Photos via Embroidery Library

There are even frames specifically for the crafters in your life: sewing, embroidery, crochet, quilting, and knitting. All you need to do is add the monogram. If all else fails, choose your favorite embroidered frame and add a monogram to it!

Get the Monogram Wreath Vintage Sewing Machine here.
Get the Monogram Wreath Embroidery design here.
Get the Monogram Wreath Crochet design here.
Get the Monogram Wreath Quilt design here.
Get the Monogram Wreath Knit design here.

How do you use monograms in your embroidery projects?

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