Modern Quilts: Inspiring Projects and Patterns

Like so many art forms, quilting is not its own genre, but rather an umbrella, under which many different styles exist. And like so many styles, there are more traditional ones and there are more modern ones. Inspired by QuiltCon (have you enjoyed the free QuiltCon 2013 Lecture Series yet?), today, we look at some modern quilts that are absolute eye candy. Bold and striking, these modern quilts make for stunning decor. The modern quilting projects below all come from our very own Bluprint users; there are many more in the projects section, but these are just a few of our favorites.

This quilt by 3patch would look just as good on the wall of an art gallery as it would in a quilter’s home. A lovely example of modern quilting: inventive design and high impact.

Proving that squares are hardly “square,” this quilt by SewnUp showcases a range of patterns all within a consistent design. A fine example of how a modern quilt is not a cold one.

This quirky design by Curlyque Sue is as fun as it is compelling. After a quick glance, your eyes find their way back and you can’t help try to pick out the pattern in this modern quilt. Are the blocks and shapes random, or in fact, meticulously placed?

Of course, Bluprint also hosts a range of modern quilting patterns in our Bluprint Pattern Marketplace. From the Prism Modern Quilt pattern by Fresh Lemons to the Wonky Irish Chain pattern by  Melissa Corry and the Glass Half Full pattern by Lindsay Sews there’s something for everyone!

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