Modern Buttercream

In this free Craftsy mini-class, Joshua shares techniques for decorating with buttercream, so you can make your cakes look as wonderful as they taste. If you are a brand new decorator, Joshua will teach you how to cut, level, fill and crumb coat your cake layers like a professional. Then learn his trade secrets for a smooth or textured buttercream finish and add simple accents with gum paste and piping gel. If you loved Joshua in his first Craftsy class, Modern Piping, you’ll want to learn his trade secrets for a smooth or textured buttercream finish…in any weather.

Class Preview


Joshua gets you started by explaining how to use the Craftsy platform.

Making Buttercream

Learn to make Swiss meringue buttercream like a pro with Joshua’s step-by-step instruction.

Putting the Cake Together

You’ll learn to put the perfect cake together as you develop your leveling and torting skills. Joshua also shows you how to trim the sides.

Texture and Deco

Learn to add rustic texture to your buttercream as Joshua shows you how to get messy on purpose. Create patchwork butterflies, as well as bows out of fondant.


Stack your cakes while supporting each layer, then add those beautiful butterflies and bows with Joshua’s step-by-step guidance.

Bonus Downloads:

Modern Buttercream Recipes

Modern Buttercream Supplies

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