How to Make a Modeling Chocolate Elephant

We’ve already covered how to make a modeling chocolate giraffe as part of the Craftsy cake decorating blog. Today we’re adding elephants to our modeling chocolate menagerie. Elephants are adorable – whether on cakes or cupcakes! From Dumbo to Horton, elephants have been personified as loving, smart, playful, honest, kind, forgiving and lovable. In some cultures, elephants are a sign of good luck. And we must always remember that an elephant never forgets!

Learn how to make this little elephant, perfect for a baby shower or 1st birthday cake.

Grey Modeling Chocolate Elephant Laying Down


  • Grey modeling chocolate (the elephant can also be made in fondant or gum paste)
  • Assorted fondant tools
  • Silicone mat
Separate Modeling Chocolate into Balls

Step 1:

Separate your modeling chocolate into pieces. You will need a large flat egg shape for the body, a smaller ball for the head, 4 medium size balls for the legs, 2 small balls for the ears and a tiny ball for the tail.

Grey Modeling Chocolate Formed intoLegs

Step 2: Legs

Start with the legs first. Take your 4 balls of modeling chocolate and roll them out so they are tapered slightly at one end and flat on the wide bottom end.

Pressing Feet with Tool into Grey Modeling Chocolate Legs

Using the scallop and comb tool gently press toenails on the wide end of the foot.

Grey Modeling Chocolate Legs with Pressed Toes

Place the legs under the body with the back and front legs facing front.

Forming the Body and Adding the Legs

Step 3: Head

Roll the ball of modeling chocolate in your hands until it is very smooth then begin to taper one end and extend the end until you have a long trunk.

Rolling Out the Trunk with Two Fingers

Roll the trunk up on itself. When making elephants it is important that the trunk is always up, as this is a sign of good luck that is important to many people and cultures and it is really cute!

Adding Head to Body]

Using the cone shaped tool poke holes for the eyes.

Adding Eyes

Step 4: Ears

Take your 2 small balls of modeling chocolate and squish them with your finger, or you can roll out your modeling chocolate and cut circles.

Pressing Modeling Chocolate Pieces to Create Ears

Gather one side of the ear then place it on the side of the head behind the eyes.

Pinching Ears to Form  Front View of Elephant

Step 5: Tail

Roll out your remaining tiny ball of modeling chocolate into a small rope. Using an X-acto knife cut tiny hairs at the bottom end then place it on the elephant.

Complete Modeling Chocolate Elephant with Pink Bow

Finish the modeling chocolate elephant with brown eyes, pink modeling chocolate toenails and a cute pink bow.

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What other animals do you enjoy making with modeling chocolate?

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