Meet LouLou, One of Our Wonderful Craftsy Sewing Pattern Designers

I’d like to introduce Tracy Platt, the creative force behind LouLou James, a fabulous independent sewing pattern designer that I think you’ll find really inspiring! Even if you’re not in need of maternity clothing yourself, her styles are so fresh and fantastic that you’ll want to make them as gifts, and you’ll just love her story.


Loulou James Maternity Sewing Patterns

LEFT: This cute pencil skirt is one that you might want to continue wearing, even after you no longer need a maternity wardrobe. I love that there are two waistband options!

MIDDLE: Wrap-style tops are SO flattering! And this one is amazing in that it’s great all through the various stages of pregnancy and then doubles as a nursing top.

[one_half_last]RIGHT: LouLou James is the queen of maternity sewing patterns. Even this a-line skirt has two hem options and two waistband options. How awesome is that!? With all of the options available in knit fabric these days, I could see making up a whole stack of these in different colors and prints.[/one_half_last]

I couldn’t help but want to get to know the mind behind LouLou James better, so I sent her a note asking a few questions about what she does and how she got into it.  I think it’s so refreshing to see cute, comfy maternity and nursing clothes! I asked Tracy how she decided to start her line of patterns, and this is what she said:

I love to sew and draft my own patterns – I’m the person that goes shopping and says “I could make that!” – and I always wanted my own business.  When I had my first child, I was shocked at how there were hardly any maternity or nursing wear patterns but I was too busy to draft anything.  I thought about starting a line, but it wasn’t until I was expecting my second child that I finally decided to do it! I know that moms especially are always on the go and don’t have a lot of time, so my goal is to create designs that are quick, easy, and can be used again and again.
For lots of new designers, it’s hard to know where to start in building a brand for the business…Tracy has some great advice:

Find your niche and your way to stand out from the crowd – I have had a lot of ideas that I’d like to one day find a home for but I’m focusing on maternity/nursing to be different.  And draw on your own personality and style – LouLou James is a blend of two family names and my logo incorporates favorite colors with meaning.
Tracy has lots of awesome new stuff in the works, be sure to keep your eye on her!

I have a lot of new patterns that I’ll be launching over the next little while – they were a bit delayed with the unexpectedly early arrival of baby number two! I’m also working on a blog, another creative outlet, to also offer some Q&A; support, show my creative process, and share some of my findings.  In my other life I work a lot with color, fabric and design trends so you will see that appear for sure! And of course I’m obsessed with Pinterest – you can find me on there under Tracy Platt.

If you’d like to learn to create your own comfy, cozy knit wardrobe at home, and are looking to beef up your sewing, check out Sewing with Knits.  Like Tracy, Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated is also a mom, sewist, and entrepreneur! You’ll love getting to know her better (she’s truly amazing!) at the same time you’re learning her mad sewing skills!


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