Man About Cake Season 9

Sink your teeth into current cake decorating trends! In the Man About Cake series, originally on YouTube, Joshua John Russell partners with Bluprint to deliver incredible tips for creating modern edible masterpieces. Each week, he decorates an original cake, shares his favorite recipes and gives pointers for designing like a pro.

Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is upon us and, to celebrate, JJR is making a seven-tier American-style fruitcake with almond filling, royal icing piping and tons of sugar flowers. Let us commence!


To celebrate his love of fashion (and his obsession with “American Crime Story”!) JJR made this amazing House of Versace-inspired cake!

Sister’s 40th Birthday

It’s JJR’s sister, Wendy’s, 40th BIRTHDAY!! To celebrate, his nephews Brody and Cooper are helping to make an incredible cake worthy of their amazing mom.


In honor of #NationalBestFriendsDay on June 8th, I made a super-sized shoe cake!


This smoothie-inspired cake may not be packed with the post-workout protein, but hey – it’s a cake.

Jurassic World

We’re teaming up with Jurassic World and Universal Pictures to create this super-epic cake


What better way to kick off the first full week of summer than with a nautical cake!?

Dreamcatcher Wedding Cake

Inspiration for cake decorating can come from anywhere…even your dreams.

Bonus Downloads:

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