These Man About Cake GIFs Are Too Good to Miss!

Did you hear the news, cake slayers? Man About Cake is back and sweeter than ever with new episodes starting November 8! And to celebrate, we’re rounding up some of our favorite Joshua John Russell moments — all in GIF form. Read on to relive the laughs (and tiers) as only JJR can deliver them.

1. When you’ve gotta burn off all that extra buttercream:

Joshua John Russell Jumping Jacks GIF

2. When you’ve finally had it with a complex cake:

Man About Cake GIF

3. When your cakes are so good they give you mad street cred:

Cake Life GIF: Man About Cake

4. When your cake is on its last legs:

"When Your Cake is on it's Last Legs" - Man About Cake GIF

5. When you get that first-bite feeling:

Joshua John Russell Cake GIF
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