5 Benefits to Making Your Own Pasta at Home

Oh, pasta. Is there anything better? Always delicious and easy to make, it’s a favorite among almost everyone.

Homemade Ravioli

But what if you were to forgo the usual store-bought noodles and make your own? It’s not only a lot less intimidating than you might think, but there are also a ton of benefits to making your own pasta at home!

1. You can use any flour

From good old white to wholemeal and buckwheat, it’s up to you to decide your flour power! That means you can serve tricky diets without trying to decipher nutrition labels.

2. Pick any flavor

Why settle for plain, flavorless pasta when you can spice it up? The choice is yours to add herbs, spices and extracts. You can even make your pasta extra eggy, if you’d like!

3. You decide the color

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with traditionally hued noodles, but why not try a color? Hey, rainbow is even a possibility!

4. The shape is your call

From long and skinny spaghetti to flat wide lasagna style, the pasta possibilities are endless when you’re in charge of the shaping. So rather than reaching for whatever’s in your pantry, you can always use the noodle that’s best suited to your meal.

5. Extra quick cooking

While you may spend more time preparing the noodles, you’ll save time when it comes to cooking. Yup, there’s no denying that pasta of your own making cooks much easier and faster, so you can stop hovering over the pot for too long!

P.S. Want specific tips for making pasta at home?

We’ve got just the video for that, straight from MasterChef season 4 winner Luca Manfè:

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