Free Video Tip: Knitting Buttonholes for Your Cardigan

So you’ve made an awesome knitted Icelandic cardigan sweater crochet-style, with a slick steeked front. Now, you need to make sure you can close it! Enter Ragga Eiríksdóttir (instructor of the Bluprint knitting class, The Topdown Icelandic Sweater) and her quick method for creating buttonholes. In this free video tip, she shows you how to size and construct buttonholes so you can achieve maximum warmth from your sweater.

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Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Ragga Eiríksdóttir, and I’m a knitting instructor on I’m going to show you how to make a crocheted buttonhole. Now, in this case, I’m thinking about buttonholes for sweaters like this one. But, of course, you can use this technique for any project you’re working on. [Learn how to knit buttonhole stitches on Bluprint for free!]

So, I’m going to place the buttonhole on this crocheted edge here. This is an edge you would have on a sweater after steeking it. I like to mark my buttonholes using a pin, and I’m going to let the buttonhole start by going under this loop here. That’s next to the one that the pin is in there. And then I’ll fasten it to the one over from it. So not the one that’s in the pin, but the other one here. Here’s my yarn. I’m going to hold the yarn double for this buttonhole. I just need a few inches. It’s not going to be a big one. So I just start by grabbing the yarn with my hook and pulling it through the loop here. And then I’ll grab the yarn again. And now it’s fastened to the edge.

I’m going to make four more of these. Now this depends on the size of the button that you have chosen for the sweater. And five in total is going to be fine for the button that I’ve chosen for this demonstration. I’m going to use this one. This is the button. You can see it here. But if I had a smaller button, four would probably be enough.

So, now I have to fasten this to this stitch here. And so there’s going to be one in between. I’m just going to remove the pin. And I bring the hook under both legs of this stitch, make a yarn over and pull the yarn through this stitch and the loop that’s on my hook. And now I can break the yarn. I’m going to leave a little bit of an end for weaving in. And I just pull the yarn through. And now we can see if the button fits through the hole. Just test it like this. Yep, it’s going to fit.

So now I just need to weave in the end. I’m bringing the yarn through the edge to the backside there. And then I’ll just go under a few strands here, along the edge. That’s one. You don’t need to go very far because lopi is very fuzzy, and the fibers stick nicely to each other. So I’m just going like half an inch here, and then I can cut the end and it’s all done.

Now if you’d like to learn more or knit this sweater I’m wearing, you can check out my class, The Top-Down Icelandic Sweater, on



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