Make a Modeling Chocolate Palm Tree for Your Little Monkey

Monkeys, bananas and palm trees go together like milk and cookies! Learn how to make this fun palm tree so your monkey can sit in the shade and enjoy his lunch. It is the perfect decoration for a cake for any occasion, or a delicious decorated treat.

Layered Cake with Monkey and Palm Tree on Top

Photo via Wendy Woo Cakes


Fondant and Materials for Making a Palm Tree on Craftsy
  • A silicone mat
  • Modeling chocolate (brown or green)
  • Bubble Tea straw- These are straws that are larger than regular straws. You can also place it straight on a dowel. I just found it is easier to work with and attach the leaves if you use a straw.
  • Long skewer of dowel
  • Wire (I used 26 gauge)
  • Small round or tear shaped cutter
Rolling Out Modeling Chocolate Shaping Modeling Chocolate

Step 1:

Cut your bubble tea straw at an angle to the height desired. Cover your straw in a thin layer of brown modeling chocolate. Do this by rolling out the modeling chocolate and then wrapping it around the straw. Once the modeling chocolate is wrapped around the straw, roll the straw across the mat a few times to smooth out the modeling chocolate. Make sure to leave the bottom angled side uncovered.

Placing Modeling Chocolate to Create Palm Tree on Craftsy Standing Palm Tree

Step 2:

Place a small piece of modeling chocolate into the top end of the tree. This will hold our leaves later.

Cutting Leave Shapes for Modeling Chocolate Palm Tree

Step 3:

Make leaves by rolling out the green modeling chocolate (you can also use gum paste). Then cut out leave shapes with a cutter or by hand.

Adding Texture to Leaf for Modeling Chocolate Palm Tree Adding Further Texture to Modeling Chocolate Leaf

Step 4:

Cut notches into the edges of the leaves using an X-acto knife. Then lightly add vein lines.

Holding Modeling Chocolate Leaf Adding Stem to Leaf for Modeling Chocolate Palm Tree

Step 5:

Insert the wire.

Drying Modeling Chocolate Leaves

Step 6:

Lay the leaves over crinkled up tinfoil until dry.

Cutting Shapes out of Modeling Chocolate

Step 7:

Roll out a small amount of modeling chocolate, and cut out lots of small tear or round shapes.

Adding Palm Tree Bark to Tree

Step 8:

Starting at the top of the tree, add the tear drops with the rounded side up around the tree in one even layer. Then stagger the next layer. Continue this process until you have covered the entire tree. It may be faster to place the skewer into a false cake, then place the straw over the top so the tree is standing upright while working on it.

Adding Palm Tree to Top of Cake

Step 9:

Once the trunk is finished and the leaves are dry, we are ready to assemble the palm tree. Just as we did with the false cake, we will insert a skewer into the cake, making sure it is down far enough so the palm tree can slide on over the top and the bottom of the straw can go into the cake as well. Once the trunk is in place we can add our leaves.

Tiered Cake with Palm Tree Trunk on Top

Step 10:

Remember the small piece of modeling chocolate we stuck in the top of the straw? Now we want to simply slide the wires into that piece which will help hold them in place.

You did it! Now, learn to make more amazing decorations using modeling chocolate in Craftsy’s Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes with Lauren Kitchens.

What occasion will you make a monkey cake for?

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