Knot the Day Away with Macrame Jewelry Patterns

If you think macrame is strictly for plant hangers and owl wall hangings from the 1970s, think again! Macrame jewelry patterns are evidence that those knots can be used for much more than just home decor.

You might also remember some macrame jewelry pattern techniques from the hemp jewelry trend back in the 90s. If you knotted a hemp bracelet, then you probably already know the basics of macrame. In fact, if you can tie a knot, you’re well on your way to becoming a macrame expert.

Limber up those fingers and get ready to knot the day away with some of these macrame jewelry patterns from our awesome Bluprint designers.

Macrame Cleopatra Earrings macrame pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Imbali Crafts

Macrame Cleopatra Earrings

Earrings are a great place to start if you’re new to macrame. The project is small, so even if you mess up, you can unknot and just try again! This pattern comes with a 20-page tutorial and photographs to help you with all the unfamiliar knots.

Get the Macrame Cleopatra Earrings pattern here.

Micro Macrame Kitschy Baroque Bracelet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Annika deGroot

Micro-Macrame Kitschy Baroque Bracelet

Go glitzy with this bracelet that features crystal-studded beads. Not feeling so glamorous? Use any beads you’d like, as long as two strands of your cord can pass through them.

Get the Micro-Macrame Kitschy Baroque Bracelet pattern here.

Square Knot Macrame Bracelet pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Jersica

Square Knot Macrame Bracelet

I had to look twice to see that this bracelet used square knots to join all those beads. The metallic thread gives the basic knot a whole new look, doesn’t it? Check out the link below, where Bluprint member Jersica has generously provided a link to a FREE tutorial to make the bracelet.

Read more about the Square Knot Macrame Bracelet here.

The Wave Micro Macrame Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member DV8 macrame

The Wave Micro Macrame Tutorial

The wave takes basic knotting to another level, but don’t worry, you’ll still find it easy to learn. You can take your knowledge of the technique you learn from this tutorial and apply it to lots of other macrame jewelry projects.

Get The Wave Micro Macrame Tutorial here.

Morea Macrame Necklace

Photo via Bluprint member KnittingNinja

Morea Necklace

Don’t forget about yarn when you’re considering macrame jewelry supplies. This necklace is made with a worsted-weight cotton that’s easy on the skin. Use a light-colored yarn to bring out the definition of the macrame knots.

Read more about the Morea Necklace here.

Macrame Hoops

Photo via Bluprint member ZaneyMay

Macrame Hoops

The macrame isn’t obvious at first, but take a closer look and you’ll see how it partners with the beads for a really awesome earring. You could even go a little bolder and use thicker cording and larger beads if you really want the knots to stand out.

Get the Macrame Hoops pattern here.

Shamballa Bracelet macrame pattern

Photo via Bluprint member bludawg designs

Shamballa Bracelet

Designer bludawg designs says these bracelets can be made in about a half hour, making them a perfect project for gifts or even craft parties! This particular designed is modeled after the trendy hip hop or disco ball bracelets for sale on the streets of Miami.

Get the Shamballa Bracelet pattern here.

Highly Strung Bracelet Tutorial

Photo via Bluprint member madmonnie620368

Highly Strung Bracelet Tutorial

Sift through that bead stash and find some beads that complement each other to make this simple bracelet. It’s a great way to use up your stash — and a great way to make some inexpensive gifts!

Get the Highly Strung Bracelet Tutorial here.

Do you have previous experience with macrame? What did you make?

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