Little Crochet = High Impact

The title of crochet designer Linda Permann‘s new book “Little Crochet” says it all…or does it?

This book is definitely a wonderful collection of little things and things for little people.  BUT the COLORS.  The STYLES.  This book is big-time.  It’s so great to see elegant, thoughtful, stylish patterns for children. (All photos: Heather Weston)

In the crochet (and knitting, and sewing) communities, we’ve become used to seeing clothing for little ones that are so saccharine sweet that it hurts your teeth to look at them.

This book revolutionizes a lot of notions about crochet for kids.  For one, the clothing is really beautiful and combines simple techniques (the granny square at the neckline of the dress above and the sweater below, for example) with wonderful garment details (like the sewn dress body, and the cute flared shape of the sweater.)

In addition to the many great clothing items for both girls and boys, Linda has also included some really cute home decor items, like this awesome felted rug:

Better yet, Linda is teaching two online crochet classes on Bluprint… one is an intermediate crochet class and the other is a crochet embellishments class… check ’em out!



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