Perfect Gift Ideas: How to Make a Lingerie Bag

Looking for a nice gift to give a bride-to-be for her lingerie shower? One of my favorite gifts is a lingerie travel bag. Since a honeymoon to a faraway destination typically follows a wedding, a lingerie bag is both a lovely and practical gift for the new bride. Or, for that matter, for anyone who travels. The bag is a great way to pack your unmentionables as it keeps them clean and nicely concealed within a suitcase.

Sew up this sweet little lingerie bag for storing and packing all your “unmentionables.”

sewing a lingerie bag

These are simple gifts anyone can make. They require less than a half yard of fabric and can be made in a matter of an hour or two. The bag is also fully lined so delicate lingerie, like silk nighties or nylons (if anyone still wears them these days) are kept free from any snagging.

The bag is designed to have two side-by-side zippered pouches. One to hold clean undies, the other for your dirty, worn ones. I’m not a fan of using it in this way, so I use one side for undies and the other for other delicate items, like my bras, or silky sleepwear. The dirty stuff is packed separately in another disposable or washable bag.

Either way, the bag is best made out of a material that can be easily laundered. Pop it in the washing machine and dryer upon your return and you are ready for your next trip. Or, for a more luxurious one, such as something the bride will have as a keepsake, it looks beautiful made out of silk or satin embellished with lace. A perfect bridal shower gift for the bride. Tuck into it a pretty nightie, or some sexy undies and you have a gift worth giving.

Here is what you need to make the bag:

  • ½ yard of material for the outer shell, either a washable cotton or silk or satin – your choice
  • Two 14 inch (longer is better) nylon zippers, in a coordinating color
  • ½ yard soft fusible batting
  • ½ yard lining material, either a simple, washable cotton or a synthetic lining material
  • Ribbon to tie the bag together
lingerie bag materials

Here are the steps for making the lined lingerie bag:

1. Cut one piece each of the outer shell fabric, the batting and lining material that is 15 ½” wide by 28″ long.

2. Cut out one piece each of the outer shell fabric, the batting and lining material that is 15 ½” wide by 16″ long. This is the interior piece that fits between the zippers.

3. Fuse the batting material to the wrong side of both the outer shell and interior pieces. Baste the edges together using a 3/8″ seam allowance.

4. Attach the zippers. Using a zipper that is longer than needed makes this process much easier, but 14″ zippers will do. Place one zipper, face down, along the right side of the short edge of the outer shell piece and pin in place. Using a zipper foot machine baste the zipper to the fabric.

pinning the zipper

5. Lay the lining material on top of the basted zipper. Pin in place and then stitch using a permanent stitch. Repeat the process for the second zipper at the opposite end.

adding lining

6. Press the lining and outer shell fabric away from the zipper teeth and pin together. Now topstitch both sides of the zipper.

installing the bag zipper

7. Repeat the zipper installation process for the interior piece. The bag should be a circular lined piece.

securing the bag sides

8. Next, lay the bag with the zippers facing up and center the interior section within the length of the bag. The bag is now ready for the sides to be secured. This can be done in one of two ways — by overcasting the edges with a serger (this is the easiest and fastest way) or with French seams. Both produce a clean finish on the inside of the bag.

9. If using a serger, turn the back inside out. Center the interior piece and pin the sides together. Using an overcast stitch, overcast each side from end to end. Turn the bag right side and square the corners. Press flat.

finishing a bag edge

10. If using French seams, with the bag right side out and the interior piece centered, pin the sides together. Sew a 3/8″ seam along each side (wrong sides together). Trim the seam allowance down to 1/8″.

Turn the bag inside out and pin the stitched seams together. Stitch again using a 3/8″ seam allowance. Repeat the process for the opposite side. Turn the bag right side out, square all four corners and press flat.

finished lingerie bag corners

11. Final finishing: With the bag facing up and zippers visible, locate the center point of the bag. Draw a line through the center point and then stitch along this line. This separates the two sides of the bag. Lastly, secure some ribbon in whatever fashion you desire to each end. This will be used to tie the bag closed. Also secure some ribbon onto the zipper tabs to create zipper pulls.

adding pretty ribbon detail

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