Free Machine Quilting Tip #2:How To Begin and End Quilt Lines

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Hi I’m Cindy Needham, I am an online quilting instructor with, and I’ve got a great tip for you on beginning and ending your quilting lines.

Some people prefer to bring up their bobbin thread, they leave a long tail, they tie it off, they bury it into their quilt sandwich. I don’t care to do that. I like to begin and end my quilting lines with little short stitches so I’m going to give you a quick, easy instruction for how to do that.

I loosely hang onto the top thread, I drop my needle, and I bring my needle back up, and I give a little tug. I use my curved-tip scissors and I grab that bobbin thread, drop the needle down into the same position. When I begin my line I’m going to begin with tiny little micro stitches, generally about four to five stitches so I’m barely moving my fabric.

Then I’m going to go and do my little quilting design. When I’m at the end of my line I’m going to end with the same tiny micro stitches that I began with, about four to five stitches. When I’m done, I lift up my presser foot and I lift up my needle. I take my fabric and I pull it towards me, and I grab the top thread. I bring my fabric to the same position, and I drop my needle down in the next hole. Bring it up and you give a little pull. Here’s your bobbin thread coming up as a loop, you take your curved-tip scissors and you clip it right next to the edge of the fabric, and you clip the front. You have a nice clean beginning and ending to your quilting line on the front as well as the back.

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