You Know You’re a Quilter When…

Does your mailman ask “More fabric?” every time he drops off a package? Have you ever tried to turn a tile floor into a quilt design? It’s official: You’re a quilter! The good news is, you’re not alone — far from it! We asked our Quilting Club on Facebook to answer the same question, and the results stacked up quicker than scraps in a quilter’s sewing room.

We asked, you answered! Check some of our favorite responses to “You Know You’re a Quilter When…” below.

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You know you're a quilter when you have enough material to make everyone you know a quilt You know you're a quilter when You can't pass fabric without stroking it. You know you're a quilter when You have more UFOs than Area 51. You know you're a quilter when Getting a quarter to feed your fix has a whole new meaning. You know you're a quilter when You plan a vacation around quilt shops You know you're a quilter when When you ask your children if they want a sandwich cut in half-square triangles or quarter-square triangles. You know you're a quilter when You're planning your next 5 quilts and you haven't finished the one you're working on. You know you're a quilter when You would rather have a Jelly Roll than a piece of cake!

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The fun doesn’t end here…be sure to tell us how’d you’d finish “You know you’re a quilter when…” in the comments!

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