7 Tips for Knitting Garments During Weight Fluctuations and Growth Spurts

Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, health conditions, growing kids — these are all reasons that you might not want to knit a garment. But knits are some of the most forgiving fabrics, so don’t stop knitting just because your body (or the body of the lucky recipient) is going through changes.

While a close-fitting sweater with negative ease probably isn’t the best idea for a body that’s going through major changes, there are plenty of other ways to get around it and still knit for yourself or a friend. These tips will help you navigate the world of hand knit garments even when your size is constantly changing.

Ana Sweater knitting kit

Look for one-size-fits-all patterns

Not all handknit sweaters are meant to be form fitting. If your body is in the midst of some kind of change, go for a one-size-fits-all pattern that Patterns like the Ana Sweater Kit pictured above are written for one size and can fit on a range of different body sizes. The dolman sleeve-style means body changes won’t affect fit as much.

Love the wrap sweater

I know many women who swear by the wrap sweater when it comes to weight changes and pregnancy. This Origami Wrap Sweater is one example. Your wrap sweater is fastened with a tie or some type of pin, giving you a lot of options when it comes to sizing.

Devenish kid's tunic knitting pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Eileen Casey

From tunic to top

Want to knit for your growing kid? Knit up a loose tunic that can transform into a top when he or she grows. You’ll get at least another season of wear out of it. The Devenish top pictured above is a great example of a tunic-to-top that can last through many growing spurts.

Become a sweater surgery expert

If you’re not up for knitting anything new, how about altering some of your old sweaters? Craftsy’s Sweater Surgery class with Carol Feller is a great way to learn how to fix a sweater that’s too long, too short, too wide, or too narrow. It’s upcycling at its best!

Knit a belt

A belt is a life-saver accessory when your body is in flux. Use it to define a waistline, cinch a too-loose top or dress, or just add a little something special to basic wardrobe staples. You can knit an easy belt like this in less than a day.

New Girl Skirt knitting pattern

Photo via Craftsy member AllysonD

Trade pants for skirts

I find that when I’m gaining or losing weight, pants are where I feel it most. Instead of wearing ill-fitting pants, consider making a skirt your next knitting project. Changing bodies can usually adapt more easily to skirts than they can pants. The New Girl Skirt pictured above features a forgiving elastic waist that’s comfy yet still stylish. Check out even more skirt knitting patterns here.

Focus on accessories

If your body is changing and unpredictable right now, take a break from garment knitting and focus on accessories, home decor, socks, and other fun projects. Try one of these triangle shawl patterns if you’re itching for something that’s a garment but doesn’t need precise fitting.

And if you’re just not feeling up to knitting anything for yourself, you can always use that time to get a head start on holiday gifts!

Do you still knit when your body is going through a big change? How do you deal with it?

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