Is Knitting the Answer to ADHD? That and More in #LinksYoullLove

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Links you'll loveGardening

Urban Gardening on the Third Floor
This tale of urban gardening from New York City’s West Village is filled with helpful tips for the gardener short on space.

Paper Crafts

Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial
Lifelike roses from coffee filters? This tutorial from Emmalee Elizabeth Design shows you how!

coffee filter rose craft

Coffee Filter Rose via Emmalee Elizabeth Design


Missouri quilting company named nation’s top small business
These siblings bought their mom a quilting machine seven years ago. Now, that quilting machine has created a business with more than 180 employees!

Three artists use quilting as political statements and teaching tools
These three artists are using quilting and other fiber arts to start an important conversation about race in America.


Edward Snowden helped embroider a Wikipedia page, for art
Cornelia Parker recruited celebrities to help her embroider a 13-meter long piece recreating the Magna Carta Wikipedia page. See who lent a hand.


Bellabeat Debuts the LEAF, Smart Jewelry That Monitors Women’s Health
Does looking good really mean feeling good too? This smart jewelry can monitor women’s stress, sleep, activity and reproductive health.

LEAF jewelry from bellabeat

LEAF Pendant via Bellabeat


Computer Chips Can Now be Made From Wood
Talk about detail work!


Man Transforms 365 Days Of Food Consumption Into Massive Supermarket-Sized Art
Wondering how much you eat in a year? Itamar Gilboa went a step further and recreated it all in life-sized art. Let’s just say he has quite an appetite!

What’s hot in the Art World? Algorithms.
Who said coding wasn’t hip? Algorithms are taking the art world by storm.


Photographer Sells Others’ Instagram Photos as Art
The painter and photographer blew up screenshots of other people’s Instagrams, and sold almost all of them for $90,000 each: It’s quite the picture of society.

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At 75
A renowned photographer passes on, but her mark on the art remains.


Sew much love: Albums tell a family’s history, stitch by stitch
One daughter set out to document everything her mother sewed. What it turned into was one heck of a photo album.

Female inmates in SF are sewing their way out
Sewing is helping these inmates pass the time, and improve themselves in creative fashion.

Food and Cooking

Everything you need to know about the Great American Doughnut
These seven fried-dough varieties changed breakfast forever…

Old Coffee Grounds Turned Into Mugs (For Drinking More Coffee, Of Course)
Even in coffee, life is cyclical.

coffee cup made from coffee grounds holding espresso

Espresso Cup via Kaffeeform

Cake Decorating

Japan Imports 10,000 Tons of Butter as Shortage Threatens Cake Making
One might venture to say that they find cake very import-ant.

The growing trend for cheese wedding cakes
Say cheese! Fruit cakes at weddings are being replaced with cheese variations — how dairy disconcerting.

Knitting & Crochet

What do you do with a student who fidgets
Studies find fidgeting can help children with ADHD collect their thoughts. How does knitting play in?

Extreme Knitting and Crochet Art
10 elaborate masterpieces made from yarn and string…

Knitted, crochet nests put to use at local wildlife rehab centre
Looking for a new crochet project? Make it one that helps your local wildlife!

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