8 Knitting Podcasts to Tune Into While Stitching (or Any Time!)

Have you caught the podcast bug yet? I’m addicted. I listen to knitting podcasts in my car, while I’m knitting, while I’m doing chores — practically any time I can sneak one in. I just can’t seem to get enough!

Podcasts about knitting are a great way to connect with other knitters, find out about the latest products and yarns, and get inspiration if you’re stuck in a knitting rut. It’s also a great way to build your knitting community!

Here are just a few of the many knitting podcasts out there.

Knit British

Louise started this podcast when she realized that many of the yarns in her stash were imported. She discusses British yarns that you’ll drool over, and you’ll also be able to relate to her knitting woes. Recently, Louise teamed up with a yarn shop for #BigWIPrip, where knitters united on social media to rip out mistakes and maybe even entire WIPs that were stressing them out. Prepare to be challenged! Listen on Knit British.

Knitting Pipeline

Paula fills us in on everything from events to new products, giveaways and little stories about her daily life. Paula also encourages listeners to interact and introduce themselves in the Ravelry thread. She often reads tips and observations from readers, so you can be a part of a great network of knitters and fiber lovers! Listen on Knitting Pipeline.

Never Not Knitting

Alana is a designer who shares new products and patterns, plus encourages others to share beautiful personal stories about knitting. The most recent episode, “Episode 92: Appreciating Helen,” recounts a sad but inspiring story about a knitter with Alzheimer’s, so break out the tissues before you start listening to that one. Listen on Soundcloud.

Pom Pom Quarterly

After you listen to this podcast, you’ll desperately want Lydia and Sophie to be your BFFs. Not only do they cover all things knitting (yarn reviews, WIPs, FOs, etc.) but they also do fun top-three lists that include recommendations for everything from Netflix shows to toast toppers and favorite cheeses. Listen on Soundcloud.


Interested in all things fiber? Ashley Yousling interviews designers, dyers, spinners, farmers — anyone and everyone who has a hand in creating and working with fiber. Bluprint instructor Susan Anderson was interviewed on the August podcast, so be sure to check that out! Listen on Woolful.

Yarn Thing with Marly Bird

If you’ve ever taken a Bluprint class from Marly Bird, you might already know how fun Marly is. Her podcast feels like you’re hanging out with your yarn-loving friends, chatting about stitch-alongs and the latest stitch news. Marly has been broadcasting her podcast since 2007, so there’s a wealth of archive episodes, including an interview with the CEO of Bluprint (Bluprint even sponsors some of the episodes)! The podcast is broadcast live every Tuesday and Thursday, so you can listen live and participate in the online chat room. Listen on Yarn Thing.

The Yarniacs

Knitting friends Gayle and Sharlene discuss all things project: what they’ve finished, what they’re working on and all the yummy yarns that are involved. They also include book reviews and encourage listeners to dig into seasonal color palettes. In their most recent episode, they’re asking listeners to think fall and upload their photos for Yarniacs Colors of Fall 2016. Warning: you’re going to add a lot of new projects to your queue after listening to Gayle and Sharlene! Listen on The Yarniacs.

2 Knit Lit Chicks

Mother-daughter duo Barb and Tracie just celebrated their 5-year podiversary. Their fun podcast includes knit-alongs, crochet-alongs, giveaways and of course book recommendations. If you’re looking for new projects and books to check out, these ladies will be your new favorite source. They organize each episode’s show notes with all their projects and book recommendations, including links, so you can easily find everything you need. Listen on 2 Knit Lit Chicks.

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