Pocket Mania! 7 Knits With Pockets You’d Never Expect

From watch pockets to breast pockets, coin pockets and cargo pockets, pockets have fallen in and out of fashion over the centuries and decades. Currently, pockets are most definitely in. Today, even wedding dresses come with pockets. If you adore pockets, join us for a jaunt through this roundup of unusual knit pocket projects, where we highlight pockets of all sizes and styles.

Cabled Scarf with Pockets

Photo via Bluprint member Pam Powers Knits

1. Hugs and Cables Wrap

An oversized scarf with equally oversized pockets? Why ever not! Especially when the pockets are adorned with such delicate, elegant and pleasing-to-the-eye stitch-work, this unconventional use of pockets — on a scarf rather than on a garment — may be handier than you think.

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Boot socks with pockets

Photo via Bluprint member bengel229854

2. Subway Boot Socks

Before you question the usefulness of socks with pockets, consider the many applications — from storing your train or bus pass, to safely stashing away a few extra bills or coins, to housing a memory stick, to…well, all sorts of other things! Functionality aside, a pocketed sock is fun and whimsical, and that in itself may be reason enough to justify its existence.

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Gloves with Pockets

Photo via Bluprint member bengel229854

3. Moose Tracks Pocket Gloves

From the same designer as the Subway Boot Socks come these pocketed gloves. Serving essentially the same purposes as those listed above, the Moose Tracks Pocket Gloves feature a nifty slipped stitch cable. As a bonus, the pattern comes as a set of gloves and a cowl.

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Men's Cardigan with Pockets and Buttons

Photo via Bluprint member Anne Hanson

4. Whitfield Jacket

No one will question the functionality of pockets in the handsome Whitfield Jacket. This attractive design features not two but four pockets, all done in a tweedy textured stitch that also forms the main body of the jacket. 

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Cardigan Davina

Photo via Bluprint member Rita Maassen

5. Cardigan ‘Davina’

In the feminine Davina cardigan, the eye is drawn straight to the pockets, which, unlike the stockinette and seed stitches of the rest of the cardigan, feature pretty lace panels. The lace motif is repeated along the forearms of the cardigan’s sleeves, creating a dynamic and quite lovely effect. An interesting twist is the designer’s suggestion to make the lining of the pockets a contrasting color.

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Simple Hat with Pocket

Photo via Bluprint member Kathy Sasser

6.The Pocket Hat

Having seen socks and gloves sporting pockets, you won’t be too surprised to come across a pocketed hat. The hat pattern itself is very simple and beginner friendly, with the buttoned-up pocket adding a touch of whimsy. It’s a surmountable challenge for the beginning knitter, and a chance to dig through your button collection for just the perfect button.

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Colorful hooded vest with pockets

Photo via Bluprint member redheadna1093382

7. Be Cool

The pockets on the Be Cool hooded vest/cardigan beg to be the center of attention. How could they not be, when done in a pop of contrasting color, and when one pocket is a different color than the other? 

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I hope that you are now convinced that pockets are infinitely fun, almost always functional and simply a must when it comes to the next project in your knitting queue.

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