Knit a Baby Hat in Just One Hour

Make an adorable baby hat with step-by-step guidance from Stefanie Japel in this week’s episode of One Hour Project.

And learn how to knit it:

Knitting the baby hat:

Step 1: Using US 8 needle, cast on 38 stitches.

Step 2: Work in 1×1 rib for 4 rows.

Step 3: US 10 and work in 12 rows in stockinette, place marker every 12 sts.

Step 4: Shape the crown: RS (knit to 2 sts before marker, ssk) 2 times.

Step 5: K to last 2 sts, ssk.

Step 6: WS purl.

Step 7: Repeat 4 times (24 sts).

Step 8: k2tog across next row (12 sts).

Step 9: p2tog across next row (6 sts).

Step 10: Run thread through all sts and seam.

And now onto the pom pom!

Step 1: Wrap yarn around your hand for the pom pom.

Step 2: Tie a few knots to secure the pom pom.

Step 3: Cut through the loops.

Step 4: Trim the pom pom.

Step 5: Attach the pom pom.

What lucky baby you know deserves this hat first?

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