It’s a Sweet Jungle Out There: Jungle Themed Cakes and Cupcakes

Jungle-themed decorated cakes and cupcakes continue to be an extremely popular motif for celebrations of all kinds, including kids’ parties, baby showers and safari festivities. Whether centered around beloved movie and story characters or typical jungle animals, answer the call of the wild with some inspirational jungle confections.

Jungle Book Cake with a Pile of Bananas

Photo via Little Cherry Cake Company

The Jungle Book cake

With characters from the Disney movie The Jungle Book, Little Cherry Cake Company created this absolutely precious banana cake for a child’s birthday! The domed cake was covered, then entirely embellished with fondant bananas. The figures were also perfectly modeled from fondant and added to the presentation. The monkey’s head and hand are so creatively popping out of the cake, giving the entire display a lively and fun look.

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Lion King Cake Topped with Fondant SimbaPhoto via Peggy Does Cake!

The Lion King two-tier cake

This two-tiered cake inspired by the Disney movie The Lion King by Peggy Does Cake! is exceptionally gorgeous! Each tier demonstrates different fondant techniques. The bottom layer portrays a beautiful jungle setting with the landscape and animal silhouettes hand-cut from fondant. The second layer includes characters from the animated film flawlessly molded and attached to the side of the cake, along with colorful jungle flowers and foliage. The cake is finished off and topped with a three-dimensional lion cub figure, bringing the entire story together.

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Creative Lion King Cake and Cupcakes Photo via Scrumptious Buns

The Lion King cake and cupcakes

Scrumptious Buns does a tremendous job of combining and matching cakes and cupcakes into an adorable presentation! This collection, also inspired by Disney’s The Lion King, includes a centerpiece cake topped with a hand-molded three-dimensional lion cub. The surrounding cupcakes are covered entirely with fondant and adorned to resemble a couple of characters, as well as animal prints. The use of vibrant colors is a great contrast to the animals and print, bringing the set together perfectly.

Tiered Cupcake Towered Topped with Fondant LionPhoto via Bella Cupcakes

1st birthday lion cupcake tower

Bella Cupcakes is a master at creating jaw-dropping cupcake towers and this lion display for a 1st birthday is no exception! The iced cupcakes are iced simply and beautifully and topped with fondant letters. The top layer of cake is embellished with with fondant grass and textured letters spelling out the birthday boy’s name, while the incredibly intricate and eye-catching lion figure tops the presentation.

Zoo-Themed Cakes and Cupcakes Photo via McGreevy Cakes

Zoo animals cake and cupcakes

Jungle animals are not only found in the wild, but also in city zoos! This sweet and adorable cake and cupcake tower by McGreevy Cakes displays a variety of techniques to capture the animals in fondant form. The cake on the top tier includes several three-dimensional creatures hand-sculpted from fondant. Topping the cupcakes are flat animal faces, placed vertically through the icing to enhance the presentation. Rather than cut-out fondant, the birthday boy’s name is creatively spelled out in letters molded and painted to resemble snakes for extra personalization.

Little Fondant Baby AnimalsPhoto via Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

Jungle animal baby fondant toppers

For a table styled by Soiree Event Design for the organization Operation Shower, helping to provide baby showers for military families, these three-dimensional figures were made to top a jungle-themed event. The animals were hand-molded out of fondant and dressed in either diapers or matching leaf onesies with flower embellishments. Fondant figures can easily be utilized to top cupcakes, cakes or even be used as place setting decor!

Cupcake Toppers Featuring Various Zoo Animals

Photo via Sugar High, Inc.

Jungle fondant cupcake toppers

These captivating and precious jungle  toppers by Sugar High, Inc. are perfect for cupcakes intended for some wild things! Each animal’s face is shaped and adorned with amazing details, utilizing different fondant, cake painting and shading techniques. The collection is brought together with scalloped circles in a variety of colors, adding a super fun and sweet aspect to the entire set.

Tiered Cake Topped with Fondant Monkey

Photo via Bluprint member Jodie Whitley

Baby jungle cake

Bluprint member and cake artist Jodie Whitley created this extremely adorable jungle cake with the most precious fondant jungle animals! Inspired by Jessica Harris’s Clean & Simple Cake Design course, the colors included in this two-tiered cake work beautifully together, paired with the juxtaposition of the clean cake and the elaborate decorations.

1st Birthday Jungle Cake Photo via Bluprint member AndasCreations

Jungle safari first birthday

Bluprint member and cake artist AndasCreations created a sweet and charming safari-themed cake for a 1st birthday, utilizing a variety of techniques for each layer. The bottom layer includes an animal print, while the second layer is embellished with flat decorations attached to the perimeter of the cake. The cake is topped with beautifully modeled jungle animals, along with a fondant number, personalized to the birthday boy’s age.

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Bluprint Member Cake: Madagascar-Themed Birthday Cake Photo via Bluprint Member Gina Simpson

Madagascar jungle cake

Bluprint member and cake artist Gina Simpson created this incredible jungle cake, inspired by popular characters from the Madagascar movie series. The perfectly modeled animals were brought to life and sculpted out of modeling chocolate, while the remainder of the cake details were decorated with fondant. The expression on the characters’ faces really add a fun aspect to the entire cake!

Vibrant Safari-Themed Cake, Bluprint Member ProjectPhoto via Bluprint member Blue Sheep

African safari cake

Bluprint member and cake artist Blue Sheep created this absolutely gorgeous safari cake as part of Bluprint’s FREE The Hand-Painted Cake mini-class, taught by Erin Schaefgen. After covering the cake in fondant, the gradient colors were achieved with the use of airbrushing. The silhouettes of the landscape and animals were then beautifully hand-painted, achieving a mature and classy look.

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