In a Bind? Try This Simple Way to Join Quilt Binding

It seems that there are almost as many binding techniques as there are quilting patterns available. No matter which method for binding you choose, the same questions always seem to come up.

Today, we will discuss attaching the beginning and the ending of the binding together and offer a technique for joining quilting binding that will be helpful to new and experienced quilters alike.

Follow along to learn this simple way to join quilt binding!

quilt binding

Joining the binding tails is the most confusing part of binding a quilt. The ideal way to join the tails together is to make it invisible. Having the ends join just like all of the other strips will create a flat seam that is not noticeable at all!

Note: For the sake of this discussion, we will show a 2″ double-fold binding, but this technique would work with any width binding, single fold or double fold! So don’t worry if you use a different width, this method will work for you.

finished binding seam

Step 1.

Leave at least 6″ of binding loose when you begin sewing your binding down to your quilt. This binding is cut 2″ wide and folded and pressed wrong sides together down the entire length of the binding. Fold the binding into a roll while pressing to keep it neat.

binding rolled up and ready to sew

Step 2.

The binding is sewn 1/4″ away from the edge of the quilt top. Once the entire binding has been sewn down, stop sewing about 8″ to 10″ from the beginning. Leave a tail at least 6″ long. These two tails will now be joined at a 45-degree angle.

2" overlap

The key to making the strips the exact length to fit your quilt it to make sure they overlap each other by the same length that they are wide. For example, these two strips will be cut overlapping by 2″ because they are cut 2″ wide. If your binding is cut 2 1/2″ wide, you will overlap 2 1/2″. Likewise, if your binding is 1 1/2″ wide, cut the ends so that they overlap 1 1/2″.

placement for sewing binding tails together

Step 3.

Once the ends are trimmed, fold the quilt as shown and lay the ends right sides together at a 45-degree angle, as shown. Sew from one corner to the next, and then trim the excess triangles away. Finger press this seam open, then unfold the quilt. The binding will now lay flat along the edge of the quilt, sewn perfectly and without any lumps!

sew along the red lineSewing line shown in red.

Step 4.

Now sew the unsewn binding section to the quilt top, beginning one inch before you stopped and continue one inch past the beginning stitches. The overlapping stitches will secure the binding seams.

binding tails sewn together

This joining of the tails will be virtually impossible to find once the binding is sewn down!

finished binding

If you haven’t tried this binding technique before, you will be amazed at how well it works. Have fun and be amazed at what a wonderful result you will get!

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