In the Jewelry World, Natural Stones Rock!

In so many ways, we’re all going green and getting back to nature. We get all-natural and organic foods, we buy coffee in cups made from recycled material, and even our crafting reflects our love and appreciation for the earth. Knitters are using yarns from local sheep, dyed with vegetables, chefs are seeking out local in-season fare, and jewelry artists are using natural stones. It’s this latter example that we wanted to highlight in this post. As you can see on Pinterest, natural stones in jewelry are becoming quite the trend. And the same can be said for right here on Bluprint. To wit, check out some of these wonderful Bluprint members’ projects:

Natural Stone Jewelry
The contrast of turquoise and lava rock is striking in this impressive necklace by Bluprint member MelAbrahamson. The matching earrings make the combination a real stunner.

Precious stones may be, well, precious, but this proves that pebbles have serious character! Featuring wire-wrapped copper, this project by Bluprint member Susan Bowerman is equal parts fun and style.

Simple, bold, and sophisticated: that’s what the agate and quartz bring to this elegant necklace from Bluprint member iaia.

If you’d like to learn how to make beautiful designs with wire and stone, check out Bluprint’s Wire-Wrapped Stones, Crystals & Clusters course with Aga Kruk!

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