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Dream of creating your own iconic characters, reminiscent of the cherished picture books of your youth? You can! Discover the skills, methods and techniques you need to become a better artist with our new, totally free illustration for beginners eGuide!

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Ready, Set, Draw! Illustration Basics for Beginners

You’re really going to love how simple it is. The eGuide can be downloaded, saved and printed in just a few clicks! No payment or credit card required!

You’ll begin with the learning the No. 1 secret to becoming an amazing illustrator, and then take the next step with detailed tutorials on how to create characters and stories that leap off the page!

Developing characters for illustrations

Sneak peek! What you’ll learn

1. How to become the best illustrator you can be in one easy step

2. Tips and tricks for drawing movement

3. Methods for developing iconic characters

4. Plus so much more!

Drawing emoting cupcakes — illustration tips

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What’s storybook character is most prevalent in your childhood memories?

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  1. Laura Fennell
    Laura Fennell

    I’ve tried every link on this page and all of them just kick you back to the home page. I’m logged into my account, so that shouldn’t be an issue. How do we access this guide?

  2. JFGM

    Looks like this problem has been going on since at least last September 15, 2020–this doesn’t make Craftsy look very good to anyone thinking of joining.