Knit It, Wear It! 6 Stylish Ways to Wear Knitted Boot Cuffs

When I design, often the inspiration is making a piece that I would like to wear myself. But in the case of the boot liner, this accessory didn’t really exist yet several years ago.

I wanted something decorative to pop out of the top of my boots — not way out, just a few inches. I tried decorative knee-high socks but found that they weren’t adjustable because you were limited by the foot. So the boot liner was born!


After doing some internet perusing, I found a couple of Etsy shops that sold “boot cuffs.” They were 4″-5″ knitted cuffs that you position to wear with boots. The boot cuffs were easy enough to design, so I made and wore a pair.

I found that they tend to move around on your leg as you sit down and stand up, so they constantly need adjusting. I tried making them longer, like a leg warmer, which solved the issue of constantly fiddling around with them. I also tried to include some details in the design that you can’t find in store-bought versions.


So what do I have against feet and socks?

  • With socks, you can’t move the cuff up on your leg to wear with taller boots.
  • If you have snug-fitting boots, the foot is really uncomfortable to wear, especially if you are using a yarn heavier than sock weight.
  • Socks are time- and yarn-consuming to make — you may find that you love boot liners so much, you want a pair for every occasion. The beauty of these is that they are quick projects and make great gifts.
  • The skill level for socks is much higher than for boot liners.

How to style your boot liners

This is going to be your new “go-to” accessory for fall. Can’t wait that long? Well, relax — I have a short “bootie” liners pattern that’s perfect for summer pairings of floral dresses and short boots. It’s all about versatility, my friend! Here are several wear-it options:

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So there you have it —

A new place to wear hand-knits! And let me tell you, people will stop you and ask, “Where did you get those?”

Like what you see? The short Mary Jane Lacy Liners for Short Boots* and the tall Honey Boot Liners* are available now right here on Craftsy as kits, which come with the yarn and pattern — it’s a no-brainer.

* Kit Currently Not Available on Craftsy.

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