How to Store Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate is a cake decorator’s best friend! It is quick and easy to make, with just two simple ingredients. Plus, it doesn’t dry out while you are working with it, and it holds its shape without long drying times. Beyond that, it is versatile and can be used to cover a cake or to sculpt intricate figurines.

Lauren Kitchens, the queen of modeling chocolate, teaches how to work with modeling chocolate to create jaw-dropping cakes in her online Bluprint class, Intro to Modeling Chocolate.

Once you have jumped into the world of modeling chocolate and created an amazing work of art, you may be left with the question: what do I do with all my left over modeling chocolate?

How do I store it, and does it last?

Modeling chocolate may not dry out the way fondant or gum paste do, but after a while it will start to fall apart and get crumbly as the oils dry out. Your best bet for keeping your modeling chocolate fresh and smooth is to store it wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.

Wrap each color separately then place all of the colors into a resealable air-tight bag.

For triple protection, it is best to keep the Ziploc bag in an airtight container.

This method will keep your modeling chocolate wonderfully workable for about three to four months.

If you are in need of keeping your modeling chocolate even longer, you can take your well wrapped and bagged modeling chocolate, and store it in the freezer for up to two years! When you are ready to use the modeling chocolate, simply pull it out and let it warm to room temperature.

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