How To Sell More Patterns on Craftsy (And the Web!)

What’s your main goal as a pattern designer (whether you’re a quilter, knitter, sewist…) or expert crafter who sells your goods? My guess is that it’s to sell more patterns/goods.

Tory Lynne, Bluprint SEO Manager

[three_fourth_last]Nodding your head? This post is for you! I’m Tory Lynne, SEO Marketing Manager at Bluprint, and dabbling crafter. (You may have met me from my quilt adventures – I’m still working on starting that quilt.) I help rank on search engines like Google and Bing. I’d love to help you learn how to get found through online marketing like search engine optimization and social media optimization.[/three_fourth_last]

So let’s get started: while I center much of this post about being found more often via your Bluprint Pattern Store, this advice is applicable to other sites you sell your patterns or goods on, as well as your own website or blog.

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How To Get Found

How to Sell More Patterns on Bluprint


1.) Fill out the information fields! All of them! In descriptive detail!
Think about what you would search for when looking for a project to start – color? Type? Size? A noticeable or interesting feature, like an owl or tri-fold structure? Be sure to include all of these details.

Special fields to pay attention to are the Pattern Title and Pattern Description. But don’t forget the others – remember, the more, the better. And the more descriptive they are, the better.

This ensures that even when your patterns aren’t new, they can still be found. This advice applies to anywhere you add your patterns (or goods, like in an Etsy store), including your own website.

On Bluprint, keep in mind that you’ll also want to fill out all of your user profile (to try and get more followers, who will then see all your new patterns), and upload Projects you’ve made with your pattern. Different colors, materials and notions can change the look of your items, and users love to see that diversity! Just be sure to completely fill out those pages, as recommended for the Patterns pages.

The one thing to steer clear of: using the same descriptions across multiple sites, or on multiple pages. This matters less for being found on Bluprint, but more for when search engines like Google come to play. You see, your patterns on Bluprint and (likely) your goods on your website can be found through search engines, and search engines don’t like to see the same copy in more than one place.

Make sure the search engines are interested in ranking each of your pattern listings by including custom descriptions of them – for each and every place you put them.

2.) Add pictures! Good ones! And describe them!
There’s no denying it – the prettier the picture, the better it sells. (While you’re at it, take our Craft Photography class.)

Once you have the pretty picture, many sites will let you describe it. They might call it a caption or alt text (this means “Alternative Text”, and helps a visitor who can’t see the picture understand what it is.) Regardless, you should fill it out. Here, a simple phrase describing what the picture is of works best.

3.) Share! And Pin, Like, Tweet, Tumble…
The next step in being found on Bluprint is to share what you’ve done. Use our social sharing links to post to Facebook, Pin to Pinterest, or Tweet to get some attention. In the case of patterns, if you’re able to share and start selling your pattern, you are more likely to show up on the Leaderboard, which is a pretty nice place to be, as you’ll be in front of the thousands of crafters browsing patterns on Bluprint daily.

So share your pattern across your social profiles. Tell your Facebook friends about it, pin it on Pinterest, and shout it on Twitter. A little interest when your pattern is brand new can go a long way in helping your pattern be found on our site.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for their support by letting them know that by purchasing your patterns, they’re supporting independent designers like you! And don’t underestimate the power of networking. If you admire a fellow designer on Bluprint, share their work and ask for them to share yours as well.


That’s a wrap for now. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions – and if you are interested in more marketing “how to” posts for your crafting shop, goods & patterns from Bluprint, be sure to let us know!

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