Here Comes Dessert! How to Make Wedding Cupcakes Like A Pro

Wedding cupcakes don’t have to be fussy or overly complicated in order to make a statement. With just a few piping tips, sparkly sprinkles and basic fondant decorations, you can create beautiful designs that will wow even the pickiest of brides. The key to wedding cupcake success is combining these simple elements in creative ways, keeping things clean and elegant.

Wedding Cupcakes | Erin Gardner 

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Frost in a flash

When frosting cupcakes in bulk, a piping bag and tip will quickly become your best friend. There’s no need for a box full of fancy tips — a simple round or a star one will do in most cases. Here are a few quick and easy ways to creatively use each of these tips when piping your wedding cupcakes. 

Round tip

Piping With A Round Tip | Erin Gardner Cupcakes Piped With A Round Tip | Erin Gardner

1. Simple swirl

Start the tip on the outer edge of your cupcake and apply constant, even pressure while moving the piping bag in a circular motion around the top of the cupcake. Make each circle smaller as you make your way up to the top. When you reach the top of your swirl, release pressure and pull the bag straight up and away.

2. Pretty petals

Start with the tip of the piping bag on the outer edge of the cupcake. Apply pressure, piping a small mound of frosting. Release the pressure and pull the tip down and away from the mound, leaving the top flat. Repeat around the entire outer edge of the cupcake. Pipe a few smaller petals on top. 

3. Buttercream bubble

Hold the piping bag straight up and down about 1/2-inch away from the surface of the cupcake. Apply steady pressure without moving the piping bag until the frosting reaches the edges of the cupcake. At that point slowly move the tip up and away from the cupcake while releasing pressure on the bag. 

Star tip

Piping With A Star Tip | Erin Bakes

1. Simple swirl

Same directions as the smooth tip above.

2. Rosette

Start the piping tip in the center of the cupcake, holding the piping bag straight up and down. Pipe a small amount of frosting before moving the bag in a circular motion around the center and flat against the cupcake until you’ve filled in the top to the edges. Release the pressure and pull the tip down and away from the cupcake.

3. Basic hydrangea

Hold the piping bag straight up and down. Position the tip directly over the surface of the cupcake. Apply pressure then lift up quickly and release. Repeat until the entire surface of the cupcake is covered.

Then, dazzle with simple decorations

Wedding Cupcake Decor | Erin Gardner

Top off your perfectly piped wedding cupcakes with simple but elegant finishing touches. Inexpensive sprinkles can make your cupcakes pop without breaking the budget or adding a ton of work time. This is a great opportunity to bring a little color into your design, but again, keep things simple. One accent color and just a touch of sparkle will keep your cupcakes looking sophisticated and modern.

Wedding Cupcakes | Erin Gardner

Further enhance and customize your wedding cupcake designs with basic fondant decorations. All of these fondant elements can be made months in advance and stored at room temp in an airtight container.

1. Basic blossoms

Basic Blossom Cupcake Toppers | Erin Bakes

Roll fondant to about an 1/8-inch thick and cut out floral shapes in varying sizes. Let the flowers dry flat or give them shape by laying them in egg cups to dry.

2. Tiny leaves

Making Tiny Fondant Leaves | Erin Gardner

Roll a pea-sized piece of green fondant into a ball and then into a tear shape. Flatten the tear drop between your fingertips. Pinch the fat end of the leaf to give it shape.

3. Simple stamped monograms

Making Stamped Monogram Cupcake Toppers | Erin Gardner

Roll fondant a little thicker than a 1/8-inch. Cut out small circles. Press a letter stamp into the fondant while it’s still soft.

Wedding Cupcakes | Erin Gardner

These quick and easy piping techniques and simple decor elements can be combined in endless ways to create beautiful cupcakes worthy of any wedding!

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