Make-Ahead Gifts: How to Make Refrigerator Magnets In the Hoop

It is always nice to have gifts made up for times when unexpected opportunities arise. Birthdays and holidays are a given, but what about days when you need something special special to say “thanks” or “thinking of you?” These embroidered magnetic memo holders are made entirely in the hoop, stitch up quickly and are so adorable, you will want to make a bunch just because.

sunflower memo magnet made in the hoop

Easy in the hoop machine embroidery magnetic memo holders, perfect for make-ahead gifts!

In-the-hoop projects are fabulous, and these memo holders are bound to be one of your favorites. They are super easy, require very little fabric, are useful, and create a perfect home for all of those advertising magnets you have lying around the house!

dakota collectibles in the hoop memo holders

The design

This design is part of the Refrigerator Pad Pen Holder collection by Dakota Collectibles. There are 15 seasonal designs and, if you are new to appliqué, this is a great project to try. Dakota Collectibles’ appliqué have very generous satin stitched edges, which cover beautifully with little effort. 

How to make refrigerator magnets in the hoop

 placement stitches for in the hoop magnet

Photos via Debbie Henry

Step 1:

Start by hooping a mesh water-soluble stabilizer (WSS) or an adhesive WSS and running the first color, the placement stitch. That shows you where to put your first fabric which, in this case, is on the back.

back in the hoop memo holder base fabric

If using regular WSS, spray the back of the appliqué fabric with a spray adhesive or dab with purple school glue sticks. (These are not needed with adhesive WSS.) Finger-press the fabric in place over the placement stitches on the back of the hoop. Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the second color, the tack-down stitch.

trimming background applique

Step 2:

Remove the hoop again and trim the fabric close to the tack-down stitches. Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the placement stitches for the front. 

background applique trim for magnet base

Step 3:

Spray the back of the front fabric and press it in place. Stitch the tack-down stitches for the front, remove the hoop again, and trim away excess appliqué fabric for the front of the memo holder. Appliqué fabric edges are now trimmed to match for the back and front.

ITH magnet base satin stitches

Step 4:

Stitch the finishing satin stitches for the memo holder base. Be sure to use the same thread in your bobbin as that with which you are stitching so it is pretty on the front and back.

in the hoop magnetic memo pad sunflower leaves applique

Step 5:

Next comes the leaves. Placement stitches show the location and size of the fabric. After the placement stitch, tack-down, then trim close to the stitch line. 

ITH sunflower magnetic memo holder petals

Step 6:

Same goes for the sunflower: place, tack, trim.

ITH magnet memo holder sunflower center applique

Step 7:

Button holes stitch for the pen holder before finishing with the center of the sunflower. I used a faux suede to add dimension.

stitched sunflower in the hoop magnetic memo holder

Step 8:

To finish, trim WSS close to the holder and use a wet cotton swab or paper towel to dissolve the rest of the showing WSS.

slitting magnetic memo holder

Step 9:

Carefully clip the upper pencil openings and the slit at the bottom which holds the note pad. Apply a sealant to the cut-out areas to prevent fraying.

sunflower memo magnet made in the hoop

Step 10:

Add a magnet, pencil, and note pad, and you have a really cute piece you will want to put on your refrigerator or filing cabinet, or a gift someone will actually use!

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