How to Make Gum Paste

Nicholas Lodge is a world-famous and highly acclaimed sugar paste artist, known mostly for his stunningly realistic sugar flowers. We’re proud to have him as one of our Bluprint instructors, teaching cake decorators his highly sought-after sugarcraft techniques and methods in The Ultimate Sugar Rose and Classic Sugar Flowers. In this free video tip, Nicholas demonstrates one of the most fundamental things you need to know when it comes to working with gum paste: how to make it! Check it out, then whip up a batch for yourself, knowing you’re using none other than Nicholas Lodge’s sugar paste recipe for all of your sugar art!

Hi, I’m Nicholas Lodge, an instructor on I’m going to be demonstrating how to make up a batch of gum paste.

Gum paste is what we use to make sugar flowers, as well as decorations on cakes. In my Kitchen Aid mixer bowl, which I have fitted with a paddle attachment, I have 125 grams of egg whites and 725 grams of powdered sugar. Now you’re just going to mix the egg whites up a little bit, then add the 725 grams of powdered sugar. Once we have got this mixed for about two minutes (I’ve already mixed this up), it should be a nice, creamy consistency. And as you can see, the consistency is going to look a little bit like meringue. It’s going to have a shiny peak to it. So it looks a little like meringue or soft serve ice cream.

Once we get to that point, we’re going to then take the gum paste. It can be colored at this stage. So if you wanted to make a whole batch of pink gum paste, you can put pink color in there, or green. I’m going to show you this in white. Then I have in here, 30 grams of Tylose powder. Tylose powder is the gum that is going to bind the gum paste together, and make the gum paste flowers set firm.

So I have 30 grams of Tylose powder, and on the stir setting I’m just going to add the Tylose powder to the powdered sugar and egg white mixture. And so what this is going to do is thicken up this mixture. Just mix this up for a few seconds. And so you can see this totally changes the consistency of this.

Now, I have an additional 100 grams of powdered sugar here. So I’m going to just sprinkle that additional 100 grams—some of this. We will not use all of the 100 grams. So remember, 125 grams of egg whites. I always scale in grams because this is more accurate than trying to scale in cups or in ounces, and any digital scale (like this digital scale here) will obviously be accurate, and can be scaled in grams or in imperial. But in pastry, we always scale in grams. So a 125 grams of egg whites. And then 725 grams of powdered sugar.

And this is just going to be mixed up and then once we get this mixed up, we’re going to just take some vegetable shortening. So I have here some vegetable shortening. This is approximately four teaspoons, which is around 20 grams of vegetable shortening. And I’m just going to mix this up with my hands. This is fun to do, and if you’ve ever made rolled fondant from scratch, this is very similar to making rolled fondant from scratch.

Once you have mixed this all up, we’re going to add enough powdered sugar, so we get a soft but not sticky consistency. The consistency we’re looking for is going to come together, so when we pinch this it’s going to be soft but not sticky. So it should be springy, a little like bread dough. Once we get this made, we’re going to put this in a Ziploc bag. So we put it in a Ziploc bag like this. We store this in a refrigerator for 24 hours prior to use. And then take this out about an hour before we want to use it. And then you can then color this with a little bit of gel or paste color. If you wanted to just color a small amount of white, add just a little bit of vegetable shortening.

So that is how I make gum paste.

So if you enjoyed this tip, you can go to and look for my online cake decorating classes on sugar flowers. I’m Nicholas Lodge.

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