How to Make Angel Ornaments: Just Add Embroidery!

Dress up some simple wood turnings with embroidery to create an angel ornament for the tree or nursery. I’ll show you how to embroider an easy skirt with cutwork edging and customize it for a variety of occasions. Better yet, you can get the pattern for the spool angel FREE for a limited time!

spool angel with cutwork edge embroidered skirt

 Photos via Debbie Henry

Angels are a popular holiday accent and can be used to celebrate the season, commemorate a birth, or to thank someone you know for nothing less than “being an angel.” By changing up the embroidery on the skirt, you can color-coordinate birth month, add a monogram and decorate the tree. For the next 48 hours (until Dec. 16 at 10 a.m. MT), you can download the Aubrie Angel pattern for free!

Let’s make an angel ornament!

Once you have the individual spool angel pieces created, it is time to stitch the skirt.

skirt design elements

1. The original design (top) was from Ageless Embroidery. I used design editing software to remove the top curls and connect the motif end to end three times (bottom). This made the bottom edge of the angel skirt. You could also eliminate all but the edge and add a monogram, name, or birth date for the ultimate custom ornament.

Get the Finishing Trims design here.

If you need a refresher on manipulating design files and jumping through design sequences, check out these Bluprint classes: Elements of Design Editing and Embroidery Software Essentials.

spool angel embroidered skirt cutwork placement

2. Hoop a water-soluble adhesive mesh stabilizer in the hoop. Cutwork edging uses a placement line much like appliqué so you know where to place and, eventually, trim the fabric. Stitch the placement line so you know where to position the skirt fabric.

spool angel embroidered skirt sides

3. The skirt will overlap in the back, so finished edges provide a clean presentation. Fold over one side edge of fabric and press, then fold it over and press again to contain the cut edge. Do that on both ends making the skirt piece the same length as the scalloped edge.

spool angel embroidered skirt cutwork fabric

4. Remove the hoop from the machine and finger-press the skirt piece on the stabilizer with side seams folded under, keeping plenty of room at the bottom edge for stitching and trimming the scallop. You can faintly see the placement line stitches under the fabric.

spool angel embroidered skirt cutwork tackdown

5. Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the placement lind again to tack the fabric to the stabilizer. Do not worry if your skirt edges do not meet the end stitches perfectly. I will show you how to fix that later.

spool angel embroidered skirt cutwork trim

6. Remove the hoop again. Like appliqué, fabric is trimmed close to the tack down stitching without cutting the stabilizer. That gives you the beginning of a beautiful scalloped edge. You may have noticed I chose to stitch the leaves green and not stitch the dots in between.

spool angel embroidered skirt cutwork edge

7. Put the hoop back on the machine and finish stitching the bottom edge satin stitches.

spool angel embroidered skirt cutwork edge clipped

8. When stitching is complete, remove everything from the hoop, trim away excess stabilizer, and soak the rest away. When dry, press the piece with an iron if necessary. If the bottom edge stitching runs off of either side, clip it close to the folded edge and dab a bit of clear glue over the cut to prevent thread and fabric from unraveling.

spool angel with cutwork edge embroidered skirt

9. Assemble the Aubrie Angel pattern as directed and enjoy!

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