Easy Stash-Buster: 10-Minute Washcloth Tutorial

Don’t let your small fabric scraps go to waste — use them to make these quick and easy facecloths! This 10-minute project makes a great baby shower gift, a lovely finishing touch to a DIY spa basket or the perfect addition to your own bathroom.

10 Minute Facecloth - Gift Stack of 310 Minute Facecloth - Mitered Corners

Get the look of a binding-bound mitered corner facecloth with a quarter of the work, while using up your scrap stash. This project uses 10″ – 14″ squares of quilting cotton or flannel, plus a towel from your linen closet or local big box store.

Once I had sewn a few of these and understood the construction, I was able to make one without pinning, and I stitched a facecloth in only 7 minutes — it can be done! 

How to make a washcloth in 10 minutes


  • One 8″ – 12″square of towel  (8″ is baby size, 12″ is average size)
  • One square of scrap quilting cotton or flannel, 2″ larger than the towel
  • Removable fabric marker
  • Ruler/straight edge
  • Sewing machine and accessories 


Step 1:

Place the towel and fabric wrong side up and mark the center of each edge. There will be eight marks in total.

1 Mark Center of Fabrics along Edge

Step 2:

Place the fabric and towel right sides together along one edge, matching the center point. Pin the edge and place two pins exactly ¼” from each towel edge. The towel and fabric edges WILL NOT match up — the quilting cotton will be longer. This is OK!

2 Pin Along Edge Matching Centers

Sew from one pin to the other with ¼” seam allowance.

3 Sew the edge

Step 3:

Repeat matching, pinning and sewing for the side opposite the edge you just stitched.

4 Sew the Opposite Edge

Step 4:

Match and pin the remaining two edges. Fold the previously sewn edges down and out of the way to allow the new seams to be pinned flat.

5 Match and Pin remaining edges

Stitch both newly pinned edges as before, leaving 3″ un-stitched opening on one edge.

6 Stitch Remaining Edges leaving Opening on one side

Step 5:

Fold the towel wrong sides together,  matching the edges at each corner. At each corner, flatten the fabric and draw a perpendicular line up from the fabric’s folded straight edge to where the stitching stops. (Don’t worry if the edges don’t line up perfectly. It will still work!)

7 Fold Corners, Mark and Pin - unmatched example7 Fold Corners, Mark and Pin - matched example8 Pin and Mark Remaining Corners

Stitch along each of the 4 marked lines. Trim excess fabric to ¼”.

9 Stitch and Trim Corners

Step 6:

Turn the facecloth inside out through the opening so the right sides are out. Push out all of the corners so they are neatly mitered.

10 Turn Facecloth and Make all Edges Even

Fold the fabric under along the opening. Make sure the fabric is even around all edges of the towel and press well, then pin. I find pinning parallel to the folded edge helps hold this project in place better.

10 Turn Facecloth and fold opening under11 Pin Edges

Edge-stitch close to the stitched edge of the fabric. This will also close the opening. Give your new facecloth a good press and you are finished.

12 Edgestitch and close opening

Now that you are finished, why not make a few more and bundle them together?

10 Minute Facecloth - Folded10 Minute Facecloth - Stack of 3
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