Stitch Up A Fast & Fun Family Keepsake: How to Make a Fabric Growth Chart

It is so much fun to measure a child’s growth as they reach benchmarks in their life. Measuring the height of a child is a pleasure that both the child and adult can look forward to and marvel at the progress. 

How fun would it be to make a growth chart keepsake quilt? It would surely be a treasure the child could keep as they grow up.

Here’s is a simple tutorial you can complete in just a few hours! Feel free to have fun deviating from it with your own creativity and imagination to suit your little one’s personality.

growth chart project

Growth chart via Craftsy member Sunny’s Creations

How to make a fabric growth chart

Step 1:

Find a pattern or design that you like that is approximately 12″ wide. You can use blocks or a panel or even just plain fabric. 

Step 2:

Cut the length of 36″ for your center. You can make it any length, keep in mind that your chart doesn’t have to start right from the floor but can start 12″ off the floor. 

growth chart panel

Step 3:

From solid light fabric cut 4″ x 36″ for borders.

Step 4:

With right sides together, sew the border on either side of the blocks/panel. 

sashing on growth chart

Step 5:

Layer the top right side up with batting, and then backing right side down. Pin. 

Step 6:

To quilt, you can use the measurements as quilting lines as shown below.

measure growth chart by stitched lines

If you prefer you can quilt any design and then mark with permanent markers the 1/2″ or 1″ measurements.

marking the growth chart 

Step 7:

Once quilted as desired, trim and bind. Decide if it is going to start from the floor or raised above. Then you can put your numbers in.

Need more inspiration? Check out these fun fabric growth charts made by talented Craftsy members!

David's quilted growth chart

Height chart via Craftsy member marinescistacey

Animals on a quilted growth chart

Quilted growth chart via Craftsy member Sarah Becker

Get started on your growth chart today! Be sure to post on your project page, we can’t wait to see what you create!

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