One-Click Wonders: How to Make a Brush in Photoshop

Custom Photoshop brushes can be fantastic tools for implementing some unique styles on your photographs. Like with many other creative outlets, the possibilities are endless. Once you know the steps to create a brush, you can create all kinds of creative and artistic brushes.

Impactful Image using Dodge and Burn Tool

To teach you the foundation steps for how to make a brush in Photoshop, we’ll walk through one brush that all photographers need: a watermark brush. With just a click of the mouse, almost any image online can be copied, pasted and distributed without your knowledge. While watermarking your images with your logo, name,or a copyright symbol won’t always deter thieves, it’s a proactive way to try protect what’s yours.

How to create a custom brush in Photoshop

Step 1:

Choose the File menu and select New. You want a brush you can enlarge without losing detail, so it’s best to choose a large canvas to start from. I have made the mistake of wanting a small brush and starting with a small canvas, only to realize later that the image became grainy and useless when expanded. So go big!

Adjust the width and height on the image to 2,000 pixels at least, though you certainly can go larger if you want.

Opening new brush layer

Step 2:

Now this is where the fun, creative part begins. To keep things clean and simple, my watermark will be my website address. Simply create a text layer, type the copy and style it as you like.

Creating the Brush

Step 3:

Select the Edit drop down menu and then select the Define Brush Preset option.

Define Brush Preset in PhotoshopName your brush and select OK.

Name the Brush in Photoshop

Step 4:

That’s it! You will now find your new brush listed last in the brush menu.

New Brush in Brush MenuNow you’re free to watermark away! 

Watermark Brush on Photo

As a friendly reminder, it’s always a good idea to use your brushes on a new layer. This prevents damage to your original file and allows for easier adjustments. For example, you’ll likely want to to adjust the brush’s opacity so it doesn’t distract for the image.

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