Say It With Flowers: How To Make A Bouquet Cake With Buttercream

Mini rosettes, drop stars and buttercream piped roses top this brightly colored floral-topped cake! Learn how to make a bouquet cake using buttercream that will sit pretty until eaten — lovely for a bridal shower or tea party birthday!

Perfectly pretty bouquet cake on Craftsy!

All photos via Lyndsay Sung, Coco Cake Land

Stop and smell the roses with this buttercream bouquet cake tutorial

Buttercream pink rosettes and yellow flower buds

You will need:

  • A baked and cooled cake, frosted in colored buttercream of your choice.
  • 3 additional cups of buttercream, divided into four bowls.
  • Gel food colouring in lemon yellow, fuchsia pink, purple and green
  • Four piping bags fitted with various tips of your choice. I used Wilton #16 for the mini rosette and rosette border, Wilton #104 for the buttercream rose, Wilton #2010 for the drop star flower and a leaf tip for the green leaves.
  • A flower nail and parchment paper or wax paper squares for piping the buttercream roses
Sea-foam green buttercream frosted cake

Cake decorator’s tip: I often practice by creating little patterns on a plate or piece of parchment paper before applying to the cake.

Let’s make roses!

Wilton 104 rose petal tipped piping bag with pink buttercream

Step 1:

Fill your piping bag fitted with a #104 rose petal tip. Apply a tiny amount of buttercream onto your flower nail; adhere the parchment paper square to the nail.

piped ribbon of pink buttercream to begin a rose

Step 2:

Holding the flower nail with your left (or non-dominant) hand, with the piping tip in the thin-side-up position, pipe a ribbon of buttercream while turning the flower nail, creating this little ribbon center. Practice a few times if you need to!

piping pink buttercream rose petals

Step 3:

Pipe petals around the center ribbon — squeeze out piping bag and a “rainbow” shape forms, slightly overlapping each petal.

Completed pink buttercream rose!

Step 4:

Continue to pipe another row of petals until you are happy with your rose! Carefully remove parchment paper with the rose on top, setting onto a plate. Keep piping more buttercream roses. Once you have a plate full of roses, place in freezer for 15 minutes to set.

buttercream flowers and frosted cake ready for assembly

Now it’s time to decorate our flower cake!

placing buttercream rose on layer cake

Step 5:

Remove the chilled buttercream roses from the parchment paper and place onto your cake.

Arranging buttercream flowers for a bouquet cake

Step 6:

Using your piping bag fitted with the fuchsia buttercream and the #16 small open star tip, pipe rosettes by piping outward in a counterclockwise motion.

surround pink buttercream roses with mini hot pink and yellow rosettes

Step 7:

Keep placing the chilled roses onto the cake, adding the yellow drop stars and more rosettes wherever you like!

adding foliage to the bouquet cake with a piping bag

Step 8:

Using your leaf tip, add some leaf foliage to your roses. Then, pipe a mini rosette border on your cake by piping tiny rosettes all along the top edge of your cake using the same piping outward counterclockwise motion.

finished buttercream bouquet cake -

Step 9:

Finish the cake by piping a drop star border along the bottom of the cake! (Or, you could pipe more rosettes!) The fun thing about making a buttercream flower cake? You can put any flower you like on there, in any order you wish, in whatever colors you choose!

You’ll find all the buttercream flower power you need to make gorgeous bouquet cakes in this great Craftsy class The Wilton Method: Piped Flowers with Beth Somers!

What’s you favorite buttercream flower to make? Or, do you forego buttercream for sugar flowers?

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