How To Get Perspective On Your Quilting Designs

Many of us quilt in tight spaces, and as such we rarely get to see our work (when it’s coming together) from a distance. Though you would think that seeing it up-close is the ideal way to view a quilt you’re making, seeing from a distance helps you make color and design choices. But how to get a distant look from close up? Jan Krentz, instructor of the Bluprint class Diamond Quilt Designs, shows you how!

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Jan Krentz with I’d like to share a few pointers on how you can get perspective on your next design.

I use several simple tools that you might have around your home, too, to gain distance from my design wall. If you’re working in a small space, sometimes it’s difficult to get back from your piece to evaluate placement of color and value. I use either a camera or the camera on my phone to snap pictures to review them at a smaller scale. Another thing I like to do is use a reducing glass. You simply hold it up, and view through the reducing glass at the quilt behind it. Then you can tell which areas need some work, or if everything is flowing beautifully. Another tip I have is to use a door peephole. This is the kind you would put in your front door. You look through and it gives you that smaller view immediately. These are available at your local hardwore store.

And finally, I also like to use a mirror. A simple makeup mirror will do. I hold it in my hand and look at the deisgn over my shoulder, which gives me that visual distance between myself and the work. It helps me see the design at a smaller scale.

If you’d like more tricks and tips, please check out my class, Diamond Quilt Designs, on

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